A Stunning & Sturdy Dining Table You’ll Love for Years

Article Oscuro dining table with gold legs in a modern dining room for ThanksgivingArticle Oscuro dining table with gold legs in a modern dining room for Thanksgiving
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Welcome to my big sister’s dining room! I’m so thrilled to help my sister furnish the first house she bought for herself. We are a family of six if you count Johnny, so we definitely need a dining set offering flexibility when it comes to seating. Of course, we want a stunning and sturdy dining table. Article immediately came to mind after I partnered with them earlier this year for our sofa bed. I got such an overwhelmingly positive response from y’all about our first real furniture post. It’s beyond flattering to get photos of your living rooms with our same sofa and/or coffee table! I love being able to make your lives easier by taking styling out of the equation.

In this post, I’m excited to share the process of choosing a stunning and sturdy dining table, along with Article’s delivery process and our Thanksgiving Tablescape! Plus, Article is having a Black Friday sale and the dining table we chose is currently on sale!


The dining room is a centerpiece of my sister’s home, so we wanted something making a statement. After browsing Article’s selection of dining tables, the Oscuro Dining Table was our top choice. It’s the perfect mix of classic with a natural wood grain top while having a touch of modern with brushed metal legs. Naturally, the brass legs are a huge plus since they match the brass finishes in the kitchen, which is right off the dining room. If you have concerns about the black wood top being too dark, don’t be. It creates a bold, fresh look against light-color walls and immediately draws your eye to it! What I love is how the Oscuro Dining Table looks gorgeous whether it’s set for dinner or just on its own. I chose a black and gold light fixture perfectly matching the table to go above it and it truly completes the space.

Article Oscuro Dining Table with gold legs for eight with matching armchairs in a traditional home

Article Oscuro Dining Table with gold legs for eight with matching armchairs in a traditional home


My family is actually small in Vietnamese standards. We are a tight-knit family of five with the addition of Johnny nearly a decade ago. However, we love to invite Johnny’s family over on occasion. Therefore, making sure this sturdy dining table has flexible seating is crucial. The Oscuro Dining Table comfortably seats six but can accommodate about eight, which is perfect for family gatherings or having friends over. There are two different chairs as part of the Oscuro collection: an option with arms and without. Since my parents are older, we opted for armchairs to assist them with sitting down and getting up. They also come in different colors, too. I love how there is a touch of leather on the arms of the chair, too!

You can choose to get six of the Oscuro Dining Chairs, two on each of the long sides and then one on each end of the table, or do four chairs and a bench. I opted for the latter so we can squeeze in maybe three people on the bench if we need to! Thanksgiving this year we will have seven people total, so I’m glad we chose the Level Bench. There is a cloth and leather option at two different price points. We got black leather to make things easy since it’s going in the dining room. That way, if any food spills, it’s easy to wipe away!

Dining table with gold legs for eight in a modern dining room Article Level Bench in black leather with the Oscuro Dining Table for eightArticle delivering the Oscuro dining table

Online Purchase & Delivery Process

During my first Article delivery process, I fell in love. They truly make it so easy to set up in your home. They offer free ground shipping on orders more than $999. For orders less than $999, Article has a flat-shipping fee for $49. I love getting their in-room delivery and assembly because it makes everything so easy! While many of Article’s furniture pieces can easily be assembled on your own (a lot of their sofas and dining tables only require the legs to be screwed in) it’s always a nice plus when a company has the option to have someone unbox and assemble everything for you. ????Plus, the team they use are so professional. I didn’t even have to ask them to do anything or adjust. They automatically centered the table with the chandelier, wiped everything down and perfectly installed everything. You can learn more about their entire delivery process here – but just know that it’s totally seamless!

A huge perk with Article is their 30-day satisfaction guarantee. I know ordering online can be tricky and even intimidating. What if you don’t like it? What if it doesn’t fit? You can measure something dozens of times but sometimes it just does not fit right in the space. Just let Article know you’re not completely happy and they will pick up the furniture and give you a refund.

Article delivery process for furniture Article delivery process for furnitureThanksgiving Tablescape with MacKenzie-Childs

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Since we are hosting my family for Thanksgiving at my sister’s new home, I want to share a Thanksgiving Tablescape with lots of natural colors. I love fall colors but understand neutrals are much easier to style. Plus, with a statement and sturdy table like this one, you want that to shine. As mentioned earlier, Johnny put on his Handy-Man vest (well, more like pants) and a few YouTube videos later learned how to change a light fixture. It took us longer than we’d like to admit, but we aren’t too proud to say we probably could learn to do it much faster, ha! This chandelier has both black and brass, which perfectly complements the table.


I got these gorgeous textured chargers, dinner plates and small bowls to serve as the main pieces. I love how these are a very light gray that are almost white. However, the texture is what truly shines on this table setting. You’ll notice the chargers, dinner plates and bowls have slightly different patterns. This adds interest and really elevates your Thanksgiving Tablescape. Plus, they feel substantial so they are perfectly suited to use with our sturdy dining table.

Thanksgiving Tablescape with MacKenzie-Childs Thanksgiving Tablescape with MacKenzie-Childs Thanksgiving Tablescape with a dining table with gold legs

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