Choosing a Comfortable and Stylish Sofa Bed with Article

Blogger Hoang-Kim talks about choosing the Soma Sofa Bed by Article
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Blogger Hoang-Kim talks about choosing the Soma Sofa Bed by Article

Getting a sofa is the most exciting part of sharing a home together for me and Johnny. This is our first real piece of furniture and it’s quite the statement. When officially moving in together, we knew we wanted a sofa that would check all the boxes in terms of what we need and want. We are partnering with Article to share our sofa purchasing process. It’s so exciting to get the opportunity to partner with brands we love to bring our vision of what we want in our home to reality. We are far from finished with our home but can’t wait to share what we have so far. Welcome to our living room!

First, our new sofa needs to be stylish and comfortable. However, since we are using the second bedroom as an office, the sofa would need to convert into a place for guests to get a good night’s sleep. Article’s Soma Sofa Bed instantly caught our eye. This stylish and comfortable sofa bed has a classic look but also a few modern details. The durable upholstered fabric means we won’t have to fuss over our sofa, which is the last thing we want to do.

Compromising as a Couple

If you follow me on Instagram, you may recall the Insta Stories we did when we first moved into this Fort Worth apartment. I will admit, Johnny is pretty easygoing and allows me to make a majority of the executive design decisions. However, If you are moving in together or sharing the space, you want to make sure you both love the sofa. It’s the spot you’ll be spending so much time on and I can’t imagine either one of us looking at it and thinking, “Darn, I really don’t like this” practically every day. If it were up to me, I would choose a navy blue or emerald green velvet sofa. However, that’s not exactly Johnny’s cup of tea. If Johnny got his perfect wish, we would be on this leather sofa. The Soma sofa bed was our perfect compromise. A little of me, a little of him and now something we both love.

Right away, the light gray drew us in. We knew it was the right choice because it would give us a bright and airy look. Plus, we can always add pops of color with pillows and throws as the seasons change. The Soma Sofa Bed also comes in navy blue and a darker gray, too. The low back gives this sofa a sleek look and isn’t a negative for taller folks. Johnny loves the height since it’s perfect for putting his arm on the back. This stylish and comfortable sofa bed will be with us for years to come. It’s already the spot in the living area where we spend the most time, especially if a new show pops up on Netflix!

While Johnny and I have been together for nine years, other than college, this is our first time really living together. Of course, Johnny would visit me in Norfolk for a few weekends but it’s not exactly the same. It’s been an exciting time re-learning each other’s preferences. For example, Johnny’s learning once I sit down on the sofa, I really don’t want to move, especially at night. I know the kitchen is probably five steps away, but do I really want to get up to get another glass or water? Nope. For Johnny, he is a completely active TV watcher. If he gets up for any reason, he pauses the show. It’s a must, ha!

Blogger Hoang-Kim on her new Article Soma Sofa Bed in dawn gray Blogger Hoang-Kim talks about choosing the Soma Sofa Bed by Article

Article Soma Sofa Bed in light dawnArticle Soma Sofa Bed arriving

The Buying & Delivering Process

It’s no surprise I’m a big advocate of shopping online. No surprise I got our sofa online either. Article makes it easy. When you’re placing your order, there are three shipping options. Basic shipping is $49 no matter how large your order is. The delivery partners will bring your order to the ground floor of where you live. For $99, the team will bring your order inside, even if you live on the third floor without elevators. However, you will assemble your furniture. Finally, for $169, the delivery partners will bring it inside and assemble it. Before delivering, they will call and set up a day and time to swing by with your new pieces! For our experience, they were actually right on time at the beginning of their time frame, which we appreciate!

Our stylish and comfortable sofa bed arrived in two pieces. Once the boxes were opened, the actual sofa bed was very easy to assemble. The two pieces just needed to click together and boom. We now have a sofa that’s ready for us! If you’re choosing to have Article bring the sofa inside and/or assemble make sure the spot you want it to go is ready. I vacuumed ahead of time and cleared plenty of space so the team would have room to work and maneuver with the huge boxes.

Article Soma Sofa Bed arrivingStorage under Article's soma sofa bed Blogger Hoang-Kim talks about choosing the Soma Sofa Bed by Article Article Soma Sofa Bed

Article Soma Sofa Bed in dawn gray Article Soma Sofa Bed in dawn gray Article Soma Sofa Bed in dawn gray

Article Soma Sofa Bed in dawn gray

Day to Night

By day our stylish and comfortable sofa bed is where we enjoy watching TV or a movie. It’s where friends and family can lounge and relax when they come to visit us. Or, it’s where I take a quick power nap in the afternoons if I feel that lull. However, once night hits and we have company over, it transforms into a comfortable bed. Complete with a memory foam mattress, it’s sure to provide a good night’s sleep. Plus, the chaise has storage underneath, which I love. I store everything our guests might need in there, including a duvet, sheets, pillows, extra blanket and more. It takes all of about five minutes to whip out. Also, it’s just as easy to put back, which we really appreciate. We really couldn’t be happier to have a big majority of the living room finished and are excited to move onto the rest of our space.

One Year Update

It’s been more than a year since we first got our Article sofa and we love it even more! It’s comfortable for the both of us to lounge on for a few hours every evening (sometimes we’ll both work while passively watching TV) and the bed is so easy to set up. My Dad stays with us frequently and even I can set it up and put it back by myself. We’ve spilled things on it and they are easy to clean! Although, I do recommend anyone with any type of upholstery to purchase this cleaner, which works miracles.We get tons of compliments on it and I love how all of the cushions are maintaining their shape despite constant use. I’m personally not a fan of the sag look.

Article Soma Sofa Bed in dawn gray