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Figure Skating with Outdoor Voices

Right boot on, then left boot on. Lace up the right skate, then lace up the left. On a crisp fall morning, come with me to Chilled Ponds, a local ice rink where I’m rediscovering my love for figure skating as a 27-year-old grandma (in figure skating terms, ha!)

I spent 11 years of my life figure skating. I pursued it competitively for most of those 11 years and as all good things, it came to an end. Injuries and just not being good enough to continue pursuing it pushed me to work hard toward my other dreams. I’m nowhere near as good as I used to be but figure skating in Outdoor Voices has inspired me to try some of my old tricks – even if it’s awkward, slow or ends in my butt on the ice.

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My Fitness and Workout Routine to Stay Healthy & Strong

Hello, My Beautiful Friends! What I do to workout or what my fitness routine is has been such a requested post for years! Before I get into what I currently do, I want to point out something. I truly believe I’ve been fortunate to have parents who supported and encouraged a healthy and active lifestyle. I started figure skating when I was 8-years-old and shortly after, to keep up with the demands figure skating put on my body, I was introduced to a warm-up, workout and post-skating regimen. Figure skating competitively was my life for more than 11 years. This contributes to a great metabolism and foundation for having lean muscle. My Dad is quite lean himself and had well-defined muscles in his legs before he got sick. My Mom encouraged us to eat plenty of greens and vegetables so I grew up loving healthy food.

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His & Hers Fitness :: Simple Couples Workout

Hey Y’all! I am getting lots of fitness-related questions, so I want to share with you a fun simple couples workout routine you can do anywhere. Both Johnny and I are former athletes, so staying strong is important to us. Johnny wrestled and I was a competitive figure skater. I remember when we first started dating, a lot of our dates would be at the gym, ha!

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