Ritual Vitamins Review: Why I Take Them Everyday

Blogger Hoang-Kim shares her Ritual vitamins review while wearing a yellow shirt, white jeans in her white transitional kitchen

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Health and wellness have been a big factor in my life for as long as I can remember. I’ll admit: I veered off the path in college after quitting competitive figure skating. My genetics and fast metabolism afforded me the ability to eat whatever I wanted and still maintained a relatively lean body. To be transparent, this was most likely the most unhealthy time of my life. For as long as I can remember, my pharmacist sister and soon-to-be doctor brother always made sure I was taking vitamins and my parents made sure I would eat healthy whole foods.

After college, when I started training to compete at Miss Nebraska USA and ultimately, Miss USA, my health regimen kicked into the highest gear possible. Taking vitamins, supplements, working out two hours a day… despite the demands of my reporting/anchoring job and stressful schedule, I felt incredible. Like I was on top of the world really.

It’s been nearly six years since that time and about two years ago I started taking my health really seriously. I’m responsible for caring for my Dad who has seizure disorder and dementia. I cannot take care of him if I don’t take care of myself. That’s where Ritual multivitamins come in.

Blogger Hoang-Kim dispensing her prenatal Ritual Multivitamins in her white transitional kitchen as part of her Ritual vitamins review

Ritual Vitamins Review: Why I Chose Them

I’ve tried a lot of multivitamins over the years, including buying all the different ones and taking one of each a day. It got to be a lot and I wanted something simple and easy. A friend was taking Ritual and I started researching more about them and the makeup of their multivitamins.

Backed By Science

Being the younger sister of a doctor and pharmacist, we take science pretty seriously. There are so many different products out there and despite how popular or trendy something could be, I want to make sure I’m getting a quality product and not falling for good marketing. They have a team of scientists, including a biologist, physiologist and registered dietitian leading the charge to create their products. I also appreciate when a company is transparent and they have their clinical study up on their site for you to read.


All of Ritual’s vitamins are vegan, gluten-free and free of artificial flavors or shady fillers. You really get what is printed on the bottle. Plus, you can actually trace where they source their ingredients such as B12, Omgea 3, Biotin and folate. The packaging is also recyclable.

What I Love Most

There are a couple personal reasons Ritual made the cut for being my multivitamin. I appreciate how they are delayed-release capsules, it’s only two capsules a day and there is no after-taste or gag reaction for me. When training for Miss USA, I took a ton of supplements and vitamins so swallowing vitamins isn’t a big deal for me. However, I appreciate how easily these go down. Plus, I hear from friends they can take them on an empty stomach without feeling nauseous.

Blogger Hoang-Kim Cung shares her Ritual vitamins review, this one being the Ritual Pre Natal Multivitamin

Ritual Vitamins Review: My Impressions After 18 Months


I took Ritual Multivitamins for a year before I started working with them. I was taking the 18+ Multivitamin, which has a nice minty taste. I personally appreciate the subscription service for something I take every day since I’m never without it. It’s $30 a month and it’s nice not to worry about buying the next bottle.

I’m now taking the Prenatal multivitamins since I’m preparing my body for pregnancy down the road. It’s $35 a month and has a lemon flavor, which I’m a big fan of. I love all things lemon so this is perfect.

There are less expensive vitamins out there, but for me, you’re getting quality ingredients, backed by science and the convenience of a subscription program. Ritual recently came out with a Men’s multivitamin and Johnny’s taking it, too!

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