Our New Boll & Branch Sheets. Why We’ve Loved Them Since 2019!

I take my sleep very seriously. Ever since I was young, I remember my parents prioritizing sleep and making sure I had, what I now know is, good sleep hygiene. From a proper winding down routine of showering, skincare, pumping (I’m still breastfeeding) and syncing up with Johnny to talk about our day or plans, I want to set myself up for success. Something I’ve noticed through the years, especially when we travel, is how much I’ve come to rely on our sheets. I’m excited to partner with Boll & Branch to share our new sheets. Surprise! They aren’t white!

I’ve talked about Boll & Branch before here and here. In 2019, we got our first set of sheets and never looked back. That first set was the Signature Hemmed Sheet Set. They have nearly 12,000 glowing reviews and for good reason. We literally used that same set since then. We would take them off, wash, dry and then put them right back on our bed. In 2022, the team reached out suggesting we try their Percale bedding, which we absolutely love for warmer months! I also appreciated how they were great during pregnancy and postpartum since I would get hot flashes.

So what’s so special? Why have we loved these sheets since then? I believe you can feel and see the difference right when you open the package. They are buttery soft and truly get softer with every wash. Hence why we continue to put them right back on our bed. Boll & Branch talks about thread quality, not count being an important factor and Johnny and I can feel this. These sheets are made from 100 percent organic cotton, a specially formulated weave and are so breathable. You do not need to change sheets each season. These are great year-round.

Plus, the quality is unmatched. I think there is something to be said about using the same set of sheets since 2019 and there are no holes or thinning. The sheets still look superb.

I’ve always used white bedding and it’s served me well. Self tanner or remnants of makeup are never a problem and I have always been able to wash everything out effortlessly. However, it’s a new year, I’m a new Mom and I wanted to try something new! I’m trying out the oak signature hemmed sheets and the look is sublime. There is a subtle sheen, which looks so luxurious. The sheets are the same quality I’ve loved from day one, but the color is beautiful!

For the duvet, I’m also switching things up, while remaining thoughtful about what I bring into our home. I got the ottoman ribbed duvet cover set and it is stunning. The texture is beautiful and really pops against the oak sheets. However, it would also be equally beautiful with white sheets, too! The custom weave adds a level of lux to our bed and the back has the signature buttery-soft fabric Boll & Branch is known for. It’s not too hot and is still flluffy. Yet, I love the subtle look. It’s a clean fresh take on a typical duvet cover.

To finish building our bed, I added the Down Alternative Quilted Bed Blanket in oak to bring everything together. It’s also been a great “weighted blanket” if I ever want that snuggled or swaddled feeling. If you find styling a bed is hard, I couldn’t recommend getting a bed blanket more! They are generous in size and truly drape over your entire bed beautifully. They give that fluff, that extra texture and the final touch you need for a designer look.

We’re so happy with our new sheets! If you are looking to change up your bedding game, I recommend starting with the sheet set. Things have changed and you can opt for the set without a top sheet (this is what we do!). From there, I would recommend getting the down-alternative duvet insert, then a duvet set. This is the order we purchased everything (before Boll & Branch partnered with us!) and felt like it was much more manageable, as opposed to buying everything at once!

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