How to Create A Cut Garden with Raised Planter Boxes

 This post is sponsored by Lowe’s Home Improvement. As always, all opinions are my own.

I grew up gardening with my Mom and Dad. We’d buy roses, fruits and vegetables and I would be tasked with watering them side-by-side with my Dad. I remember my Mom growing tomatoes, peaches and lots of different Vietnamese herbs. Naturally, I want that for our daughter, too. I’m so excited to partner with Lowe’s to share how we got everything we needed to bring this dream to fruition! The first thing I knew I needed are raised planter boxes. Bending over or crouching on the ground isn’t good for anyone’s back. Plus, I like not having to commit to a space in our yard since you can move raised planter boxes.

The Raised Planters We Chose

Finding the perfect raised planter boxes isn’t easy. Years ago, in 2021, I did a lot of research because I was looking for some for my Mom’s garden. She’s actually the one who brought up how it was getting hard for her to bend over since she’s older and wished there was something a couple of feet off the ground. That’s when I discovered Vita planters. There are a variety of different styles, but I am in love with their brown cedar option with black trim. This particular one comes in a 40.5 x 43, which is why we have and a smaller version!

I ordered the planters online and it took Johnny about 30 minutes to assemble. He says the instructions are straightforward and it was fun to do. I appreciate how it comes with the fabric liner to keep things clean and if you need to transport your garden, you can! The finish is beautiful and I know it’s durable. My Mom has a west-facing backyard and her planter boxes are in great condition three years later with almost no care.

What We Planted

Even though the raised planter box we chose is quite large, we knew we would only be able to fit about six plants since they need room to grow! I want it to be practical, so we focused on things we know we’ll eat and use. We got fresh strawberry plants, thai basil, sweet basil, sweet peppers and jalapeno for Johnny! Lowe’s has a great selection of plants in their garden center from tomatoes to eggplants and different fruits! At our location, the plants were all outside in the sun, so it was great to see the type of environment they need so we can easily replicate that at home. I highly recommend going to your nearest location so you can see what they have in person.

We picked up two bags of raised planter bed soil and used about one and a half to fill the box. From there, I planted each plant, carefully spacing them out so they would have room to grow. Once they were all in, Johnny poured the rest of the dirt in to make sure the roots were covered! I watered the plants so they could feel nice and cozy and that’s it! The whole planting process took about 15 minutes and I love how we were able to get everything we need from Lowe’s.

In addition to the raised planter box in itself, we picked up a few other items from Lowe’s to make sure we are prepared for our gardening era! I needed a new pair of gardening gloves and a lightweight watering can. We also got a power washer to help keep our patio area and the overall exterior of our home clean. We’ve been meaning to buy one for years and always put it off. Now that our one-year-old loves to play outside, we’re a little more conscious of how quickly the space can get dirty. Who knows, we may purchase a leaf blower next, haha!

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