Our Most Loved Items From 2023

Our top favorite of 2023 is without a doubt, our daughter. It’s truly been such a joy raising her, watching her personality develop and seeing our family with her. 

Below are our favorite items you can actually purchase, lol. All of them you have seen in my Friday Favorites before. They are tried-and-true products we swear by. We can attest to the quality and how they have made our lives easier! Let’s go!

Tommy John PJs – I’ve worn these since 2018. Easily my favorite PJs, but they are also great for loungewear. Everyone in my family has a pair! They are so soft and stretchy, too. Easy to wear in the heat or colder months!

Abercrombie Traveler Dress – I wore this dress over and over again during the warmer months. It’s nursing friendly, so comfortable and was perfect for me as a new Mom. I loved how easy it was to throw on and put an outfit together!

Boll & Branch sheets – We have had the same set of sheets since 2019 and they still look fantastic. Cool to the touch, ultra soft and sustainably made. Seems to get better after every wash. HKCUNG25 will get you 25% off.

Herschel BackPack – This is Johnny’s go-to bag for every day. He has the black and it’s nice and sleek. We have the gray as his diaper bag and love the size! Has a lot of pockets and compartments for storage, making it easy to stay organized.

Laundry Rack – We have a handful of things that need to be air-dried and this rack is perfect. Easy to use, folds up out of the way and durable! Has been so handy to dry instead of hanging things up.

Dyson Airwrap – A must every time I wash my hair! I swear by the volume and how fast this takes me from wet to styled, curled hair. I appreciate that it styles my hair without damaging it!

Beale Sectional – We’re coming up on two years with this sofa and truly couldn’t be happier. We love how it’s so easy to clean, comfortable and beautiful! Still seems good as new and can be customized to your preference.

Branch Basics Concentrate – Our go-to cleaner for years. We appreciate how it’s a simple concentrate you use for everything from the bathroom to the kitchen. I appreciate how they are clean ingredients and safe for use with our daughter. We mix it with water to help mop our floors, too!

Colby Pants – If I had to pick one pair of pants to wear forever, it would be these! I love how versatile they are since they are good for the office and also on the weekends with sneakers. Super comfortable and has some stretch due to the elasticized band.

AirPods – I wouldn’t have survived the newborn stage without these! Whenever I was holding, nursing or helping our daughter sleep, it was great to have something to listen to. Perfect during the workday to jump on calls or listen to podcasts!

Magsafe Phone Wallet – Saved Johnny years of back pain without carrying a wallet. Also always having my license, insurance and credit card is key.

AG Everett Pants –  Perfect fit. They don’t make Johnny feel like he has sausage legs. They elongate his legs without giving him saggy butt, lol. Comes in multiple colors, too!

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