Our Most Loved Baby Items From 2023

Our favorite thing that came out of 2023 was our daughter! Crazy to think that she has already grown so much this past year. Before we became parents, we had no idea what would be beneficial or work for our daughter and what would not. Below is a list of things that we loved using after we became parents!

Nanit Monitor – Our most-used baby item. We swear by the background audio, which allows us to hear her when the app isn’t currently open. Very easy to use since we can access it on our phones and it tracks her sleep and more. We couldn’t be happier!

Magnetic Me footies – A must for the early newborn days! Aint no one has time for zippers and these magnets made it so easy to do quick diaper changes, especially in the middle of the night. Once you get a few of these, you can never go back during those early days!

Dreamland Baby swaddle – This was a gamechanger for us when we started sleep training. Our daughter slept longer and better in these. Plus, they are easier to use than traditional swaddles! These can only be air-dried so I recommend getting at least two!

Oilo Glider – I couldn’t imagine not having this glider. It’s so comfortable, smooth and beautiful. I’ve spent countless hours in this chair and my broken tailbone isn’t aggravated more. Has different settings and a charging station, so you don’t need to get up during rocking or nursing.

Peanut Changer – Soft, easy to wipe down and I love the taupe color! We love using this for diaper changes and still do! Has a slight slope in case of accidents and isn’t too squishy or hard to lay her down on.

Tripp Trapp High Chair – I did a ton of research on high chairs and couldn’t be happier with this one. It’s so easy to wipe down. She’s comfy in it and I like how it grows with her from newborn all the way up to when she is sitting in a chair on her own!

Woolino sleep sack – One of you recommended this and I’m thrilled about it. Made of merino wool, this is the only sleep sack you need. No more buying different sizes or different TOGs. Merino wool regulates body temp so you can use it during summer and winter. Great one to pack and travel with, also.

Absorbent bibs – These are my favorite bibs! They are super absorbent, easy to put on and comfortable for our daughter. They come in tons of colors and I love the coordinating cloths!

Lovevery Subscription – These are the only toys our daughter has and we love them! I appreciate how the toys are always developmentally spot on and exactly what she needs. No guessing or a ton of toys that don’t help her grow. Perfect to track her development growth as she gets older.

Coterie Diapers – The only diapers we use! We’ve had less than 10 blowouts since using these (she was in premie diapers) and that’s saying something. These are totally chlorine free, ultra soft and absorbent. Code HKCUNG gets you a discount!

Caden Lane Convertible Romper – Super soft, lots of fun prints and I love how these can be footies and then convert into a romper for extra wear time! Our daughter loves them and I appreciate the dual-use.

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