My Favorite Baby Items from Target on Sale!

Whenever we need something, we usually turn to Target. Since our daughter was born, we’ve made quite a few Target runs. I still remember those early days when Johnny would grab another pack of preemie diapers late at night. I’m excited to partner with them to share Target’s many baby deals running this month. Each week different categories are going on sale so I’m rounding up my favorite baby items from Target! There is a great selection of baby gear from incredible brands so you’ll have practically everything you need.

Cloud Island Modal Bodysuit

These are ultra-soft. I can’t believe how soft and stretchy they are. It’s perfect for baby and easy for diaper changes. I love a long-sleeve bodysuit since I don’t have to worry about their arms being cold during naps, but their legs and feet are out, ready to explore! You can get their long-sleeve rompers or sleepers, too. Pair with a coordinating bow if you have a girl to complete the look. These are affordable and I couldn’t be happier!


We love these wipes! Made of 99 percent water, these are all we use for our daughter. They are soft, grippy and easy on her skin. We put them in a wipe warmer and they never “burn” or change color. Plus, there isn’t a chemical scent and they are great for if your baby has sensitive skin. They are moist, don’t dry and really get her clean. I use one or two wipes if it’s just pee and about three for when it’s poo. If it’s a really big poo, then we’ll use four or so wipes. I actually have an entire drawer in our daughter’s closet full of these wipes! They are easily one of our favorite baby items from Target.

Nanit Monitor

I put Johnny in charge of choosing the baby monitor and he chose Nanit. He was looking for a full-featured monitoring system that went beyond a high-quality camera. Nanit’s Smart Baby Monitor included things we didn’t even know would come in so much handy like sound and motion notifications and picture-in-picture capability. The notifications continue to be extremely helpful alerting us at the right time with very, very few false alarms.

The sleep coach helps us benchmark sleep efficiency so we can get a sense of when we’re on or off track for her milestones. This gives us peace of mind as first-time parents when you’re trying to give the best to your newborn. Lastly, the ability to add multiple people on our care team really made it seamless to have everyone on one system. This monitor is without a doubt one of our favorite baby items from Target.

Lovevery Play Gym

We use this practically every single wake window when we are at home. One thing I want a big handle on are her toys. Both Johnny and I didn’t grow up with an abundance of toys and we want the same for our daughter. I appreciate this play gym because it’s a complete system for your baby’s first year. It’ll evolve with your baby to meet them where they are developmentally. The Play Guide, which comes included, gives you ways to play with your baby. Something important to me is how it’s nontoxic including the use of 100 percent organic cotton, sustainably sourced wood and is OEKO-TEX certified.

Sophie La Girafe Teething Ring

Our daughter is teething really bad right now and this ring has been great! It keeps her from gnawing on her fingers and hands. I appreciate how it’s easy for her to hold and we don’t have to worry about her potentially choking on it.


We use two different bottles and are so happy with how it’s going. Comotomo and Evenflo are our go-to bottles. Our daughter generally nurses throughout the day, but if we are on the go, we pack a bottle or two. In the evening before bed, she also takes a bottle as well. Don’t forget to pay attention to the nipples on the bottle. You’ll want to start with the slowest flow (and every brand’s flow is different) and work your way up as they get older.

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