Modern Lunar New Year Decor We Love

The Year of the Dragon is almost upon us and it’s going to be a good one! In Asian cultures, the Year of the Dragon is a big favorite. I wouldn’t necessarily call this going all out, but I wanted to take our decor to another level. I’ve never decorated our dining room before, so I’m excited to take you on a small tour of our home and share what we did for each space.

The Dining Room

We will be hosting our family for dinner so I wanted to make sure our table was properly set! Like I mentioned above, we’ve never decorated our dining room for Lunar New Year before. I wanted to mix both the traditional and modern Lunar New Year decor. These paper lanterns are pretty traditional, but I appreciate how they are lightweight and make a statement. I bought this packet on Amazon along with clear command hooks and fishing wire. I’m thinking of buying another packet next year and adding to it for more fullness!

Incorporating red and yellow/gold into our table was easy. I wanted to use these traditional couplets and mix things up with the florals. While not all of the flowers are traditional Lunar New Year flowers, I love how the colors look together in this gold vase. There are so many dishes we enjoy on Lunar New Year, so I wanted a table setting that could handle that. I love these dinner plates, salad bowls and cereal bowls! They are beautiful and I’ll admit we find ourselves reaching for them so much! The cereal bowls have truly been on heavy rotation recently.

The Living Room

I love hanging silk lanterns in our living room for modern Lunar New Year decor and this year is no exception. Since our daughter is only crawling, I took advantage and decided to hang these off the mantle. We certainly won’t be able to do this next year when she’s a toddler! During our trip to New York, we picked up these lucky lion ornaments from Bergdorf’s and kept them out for this season.

I’m still trying to source authentic “hoa mai” that’s faux, but looks real. These yellow dancing orchids are a close resemblance! I got the tall branches from Something Pretty Floral and the shorter stems from a small business selling Lunar New Year decor called Bo & Mei!

The Kitchen

One aspect I love about slowly and thoughtfully adding items to your home is the ability to restyle the items and get a whole different look by changing a few things up. Last year, we had these bright red orchids in our living room and this year I wanted to bring that into the kitchen. Since the kitchen and dining room are open to each other I wanted to meld the red and pinks from the dining room into the kitchen.

We use our island a lot and at the end of the day it’s the spot where all the “stuff” piles up. I wanted to keep things as simple as possible so I opted for an arrangement so most of the decor isn’t scattered around the actual surface of the island. I hung the couplets from the orchids and love the look!

The Entryway

Did y’all know Costco has Lunar New Year decor? That’s where we got this beautiful modern Lunar New Year decor and it’s perfect in our entryway. The envelope says 2024 on it, but we can remove it and swap it out for years to come! I also moved our lucky gold butterfly to the entry table for good luck 🙂

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