Boll and Branch Review: Percale Bedding to Stay Cool While You Sleep

blogger hoang-kim cung shares her boll and branch review

For the first time, ever, we are switching out our sheets for summer! It can get pretty hot in Texas so we got new percale bedding for summer. Johnny tends to run hot so staying cool at night is a priority for him. Our first introduction to Percale was Boll & Branch’s duvet cover. For his entire life, he’s preferred sleeping with just the duvet because all covers “get too hot” for him. This is the first time he prefers a cover so we were sold! Let’s do a deep dive into our Boll and Branch review and the bedding you need to stay cool while you sleep!

Percale Sheets

So far, we absolutely love our percale sheets! We had a feeling since we love the duvet cover so much. One aspect I like is how they are always “crisp” and feel even cooler to the touch than the signature hemmed sheets. They are made of 100 percent organic cotton and are also fair-trade, which I so appreciate. At night, they keep us cool so we don’t overheat. I don’t feel like I have to throw the covers off or am sweating. It’s a nice feeling, especially for Johnny who runs hot.

The pattern is also a nice addition to our humble collection of only one other sheet set, ha! I typically only get white sheets since it’s easy to care for. All I do is wash once a week with detergent, every other week I’ll add in a bleach alternative and then tumble dry low.

Side note: we only use the fitted sheet and not the flat sheet, too!

Percale Duvet Set

Not a new addition, but if you want to stay cool while you sleep, a percale duvet cover is a must! You don’t want to skip this when it comes to new percale bedding for summer. We keep the same down-alternative medium-weight duvet insert year-round and put it in this cover. This is what made the difference for Johnny and now he always wants this cover instead of just the insert!

Speaking of our duvet, we absolutely love our insert. We’ve had it for a couple of years now and it’s just as fluffy as when we got it! We wash it once every three to six months depending on the season and it’s done great! One thing to note, in my previous research, down duvets will last longer. Down feathers are naturally made to get wet and completely dry back to their original state whereas synthetics will get dragged down over time. If you’re interested, Boll & Branch has a down insert, which our friends have and love!

blogger hoang-kim cung shares her boll and branch review including the percale sheets and waffle blanket

Waffle Blanket

I have to include this waffle bed blanket in our Boll and Branch review! I’ve been a fan of it for more than a year. We love the ivory color so much, we had to get the pewter color to match our new percale bedding! I love the gauzy texture, which is so lightweight, breathable and soft. It feels plush and not like any other waffle fabric you’ve ever felt. Of course, it’s also 100 percent organic cotton.

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blogger hoang kim cung shares her transitional bedroom

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