How We Created Our Custom Framebridge Gallery Wall

Long before we moved into this house, I knew I wanted to hang a custom gallery wall somewhere. We can buy art, and we will, to hang, but I wanted one of the focal points in our home to share our story and our lives. Johnny and I have been together for more than 11 years. We have plenty of memories throughout our relationship we wanted to display. One way to make your house feel like a home is to add personal photos. I’m excited I got the opportunity to create a custom Framebridge gallery wall with the brand that’s perfect for us and our home!

Years ago, I fell in love with Susan Tyman, the founder of Framebridge, and her story. She wanted to hang these four national park posters she got on a trip with her sister. Unfortunately, she paid more than $1,500 for frames she didn’t love in a style that didn’t fit her. She hated the process and that’s how Framebridge was born. I appreciate how the process is easy and Framebridge can frame just about anything. To create a custom gallery wall or frame unique piece, you’d start with a design consultation.

Custom Framebridge gallery wall in a transitional Dallas home

A Blank Canvas

When we first moved into our home, some outspoken folks in YouTube comments said our house was too sterile or had too much white. This didn’t bug me one bit. For one, I love white walls. It’s bright, airy and provides a blank canvas for you to do whatever you want! We have 10′ ceilings so we had a lot of space when it came to this wall. It’s right off the entryway and a part of our living room with vaulted ceilings. Its sister wall is where our Buddhist altar is so we needed something on this side that is personal. I measured out the wall and it’s about 59″ wide and 105″ tall with 6″ baseboards, giving us about 99″ of hangable space. We needed something massive.

Pre-Designed Options

Framebridge has a collection of gallery walls you can choose from that fit your wall and your taste. If you’re easily overwhelmed, this is great because it narrows down your options! All you have to do is upload your photos and Framebridge will send you a high-quality print that’s framed, nails and a hanging guide! YES, you can hang your gallery wall yourself because the life-size guide tells you exactly where to put the nails! Genius. I initially fell in love with the Floor to Ceiling Grid gallery wall. However, it was just a bit too big and I had some horizontal photos I wanted to include. That’s when the option of a custom Framebridge gallery wall came in handy.

Custom Framebridge gallery wall in a living room of a transitional home

Exactly What We Wanted

A design consultation for a custom gallery wall starts at $99. Your money also goes toward paying for your gallery wall if you purchase within 90 days! I’m pretty particular, so I knew I wanted clean lines and the frames to be more on the minimal side. A rectangle shape works best for our wall, especially with our plush sofa, oval coffee table and modern chandelier. Since I’m more on the picky side, I decided I wanted to layout the photos myself versus having the designer do it. I did, however, let her do the math when it came to the frame size, matting and spacing between each frame!

When you do a design consultation, you also get a hanging guide to make the whole process easier!

I’m so impressed with the quality of the prints and the frames. About three of the photos are iPhone photos and you would never know! Framebridge did such a great job printing and framing them! One aspect I love about Framebridge is the fancy paper backing. You don’t swap these frames out with different photos. These photos are meant to be kept in these frames. I’m so happy we’ll have these frames and memories displayed in such a beautiful way!

Frame Sizes

We had 59″ wide and 99″ tall of hangable space, so creating a custom Framebridge gallery wall meant everything would fit perfectly. I couldn’t find anything similar off the shelf or at retail stores where vertical and horizontal frames were the same size width with the same mat size. The frames are hung 2 inches apart.

The vertical frames are photo sizes 11×16.5 for a final frame size of 14.75 w x 20.25 h

The horizontal frames are photo sizes 11×7.33 for a final frame size of 14.75 w x 11.0 h

Blogger Hoang-Kim shares a custom Framebridge gallery wall in her transitional home Blogger Hoang-Kim shares a custom Framebridge gallery wall in her transitional home

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