How We Are Creating A Special Buddhist Altar at Home

One space in our home that is extremely important to us is our Buddhist Altar. Even though we are finally getting it installed about 10 months into us moving into this home, it is one of the first spaces we planned. Growing up Buddhist, it is a must to have this place to honor and respect Buddha and our ancestors.

I wanted our altar to be a bit more modern and contemporary while still having everything needed for it to be respectful. We worked with Shelfology to create our Buddhist Altar. What I love about Shelfology is you can completely customize each aspect of their shelves to get exactly what you need!

Aksel Floating Shelf

Shelfology has a wide variety of shelf options. We love the clean lines of the Aksel Floating Shelf. For our Buddha shelf, we got 51″ long, 12″ deep and 1.75″ thick. We decided to mount this shelf higher up so no one in our family could accidentally hit their head. Plus, Buddha is supposed to be placed at the highest point in the room. Our Buddha shelf faces northeast. It’s best for Buddha to face East, if possible. We are not done with this space as I’m still missing two Buddha statues and a few other details.

For the shelf for our ancestors, we are still awaiting their printed photos. The dimensions for this shelf are 46″ long, 12″ deep and 1.75″ thick. Shelfology lets you plug and play when it comes to their dimensions so you can get exactly what you want! Their shelves come in different finishes, styles and more!


I wanted to bring some attenton to some accessories I was pleasantly surprised to find. This beautiful singing prayer bowl is crafted in Nepal with a gorgeous Buddha detail on the inside. I asked for the vendor to give me a black cushion for it instead of the blue pictured. I was able to find

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