How to Get Improved Sleep & Master Bedroom Update

Master Bedroom Decor in a Dallas apartment
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Welcome back into our Master Bedroom! I previously shared how we upgraded to a King size Leesa mattress (full review on this post here) and so far we couldn’t be happier! Since King mattresses are wider we decided to change up the layout in our master bedroom. It’s crazy how moving the bed from one wall to another makes the room feel so much bigger despite having a bed that takes up more space!

In this post, I want to share how our Leesa mattress has given us improved sleep as well as an update on decorating our master bedroom. Full disclosure: you won’t be seeing any wide shots of this space for a few weeks since we are waiting for our new headboard to come in! We are still using the Queen-size headboard below so we don’t hit our heads on the window sill, but it’s awkwardly too small.

Tommy John pjs and white bedding in the master bedroom with Leesa mattress

How Leesa Gives us Improved Sleep

Before I worked with Leesa more than three years ago, Johnny and I did a fair amount of research. The reviews and what the company stands for are ultimately what sold us. This Made in the USA mattress currently has more than 23,000 reviews with a 4.5 rating. That’s insane!


Whether you share your bed with another person or have pets who love to join you, you’re aware of how sudden movements from other people can wake you up. Thanks to the foam layers, Johnny and I rarely ever wake up in the middle of the night because of the other person’s movements. Personally, once I wake up, I’m usually up and it’s very hard, if not impossible, for me to fall back asleep again. Therefore, it’s crucial for me to stay asleep. Being able to sleep through the night and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed is a gamechanger!


Being a former competitive figure skater, I have my fair share of injuries and ailments. A few of them are chronic and stick with me today. I can’t tell you how happy I was waking up the first few mornings with my Leesa and starting the day with less pain. It was something I never even felt before and was honestly shocking. I didn’t even realize other mattresses weren’t giving me the proper support, which led to more pain. This bed is the perfect amount of firm for me.


A big concern for Johnny when it came to our first Leesa mattress was if it would be too hot. This isn’t the case at all. We put these organic cotton sheets (for Gretchen, these are the boll & branch sheets) on our bed and it’s not hot at all. It’s great because I’m always so cold at night but Johnny is hot. Yet, we both have no issues falling and staying asleep.

White bedding in the master bedroom with gold accents

Master Bedroom Update

If y’all could see how we are living in this space, you probably would laugh. Having only a queen headboard with a king bed is pretty hilarious. I love, love white bedding, so I think we will always stick with that. If you’re worried about it getting dirty, don’t fret. I love white bedding because you can just bleach it and you’re good to go! Plus, we only sleep or get dressed in our bedroom. Yes, we’ll have a cup of coffee in bed or tea at night, but we don’t eat in here, do other activities (no working from bed) or have a TV in our room so that makes things easier and less messy!

Since I love all white bedding, playing with different textures is key. This organic cotton duvet cover has these fun little pom poms on them, which add great texture. I really want to keep these ruffle euro shams but unfortunately, the new colors do not match the ones I bought about five years ago. When I initially purchased these, they were called ivory. The colors offered now are cream and white, none of which match these. So right now we are on the hunt! I also want to get a coverlet or a blanket, too!

White bedding in the master bedroom with Anthropologie rivulets and west elm candlewick duvet cover White bedding in the masterbedroom

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