Sleep Secrets: Why We Love Our Leesa Mattress

How to get the best sleep of your life on a Leesa mattressWhy you can get better sleep buying a mattress online with Leesa

I truly believe sleep is a necessity. It’s not a luxury and my productivity and success depend on it. One of our biggest sleep secrets? Invest in your bed and your bedroom. We spend so much time sleeping, why are we skimping on this vital time for our body and brain to recharge, recover and reset? I sleep about nine hours a night and it’s the secret to my success. Many people have asked, “but don’t you lose working time during the day?” The answer is no because by sleeping nine hours a night, I’m so much for effective during the day. When I don’t get enough sleep, I’m tired, I’m slow and I end up losing even more time during the day by taking naps or just not being focused.

I’m very excited to partner with Leesa over the next six months to share some sleep secrets and why we love our Leesa mattress so much. This is our second Leesa mattress and we couldn’t be happier with our sleep quality. It’s made in the USA, comes with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night risk-free trial. Plus, we love Leesa and its mission to make a positive impact in the world. Since their inception, they have donated more than 35,000 mattresses to local shelters and organizations so those in need have a proper place to rest. If you’re thinking about buying a mattress in a box, keep reading! I hope this post serves as a complete guide to buying a mattress this revolutionary way!

How a Leesa mattress changed everything and why I won't sleep on anything else Installing a new Leesa platform bed in the master bedroom Installing our new Leesa platform bed for our master bedroom reveal

The Leesa Mattress

Three Options: Original, Hybrid & Legend

I remember when I first did my research on Leesa. There was one mattress option now known as the Leesa original mattress. A foam four-layer mattress, Leesa is made with premium foam so it’s cooling, contours your body and offers pressure-relieving support so you can truly recharge at night. I remember my first night on my first Leesa mattress more than two years ago. I instantly felt cozy and so relaxed. When I woke up the next morning, I felt like a new person. What I love about our Leesa mattress is how it conforms to my body and isn’t too hot for Johnny. That was the main concern with an all-foam mattress, but we had no problems whatsoever! The foam is very breathable, so you don’t get too hot at night. Plus, when we are laying on it, we feel like we’re floating. It’s that amazing. If you’re interested in how it plays a role in my back and tailbone pain, check out this post.

Now, Leesa offers two other mattress options: The Leesa Hybrid Mattress (formerly known as The Sapira) and the new Leesa Legend Mattress. The hybrid has both foam and pocket springs (the first of its kind to be compressed in a box). What’s great about the Leesa Legend is how it has an exclusive relief & stability layer. Since we don’t personally have these two, I can’t speak to their comfort.

An honest review of our new Leesa mattress Why buying a mattress online is better - Leesa mattress review

Bed in a Box

The big selling point about Leesa is how it arrives at your door in a box. No need to worry about delivery, laying on more than a dozen different mattresses in a typical store or any pushy sales associates. However, if you do want to try out a Leesa mattress, you can visit their Dream Gallery locations in New York City or Virginia Beach, pop into a west elm store or select Pottery Barn locations.

Johnny and I upgraded to a King-sized mattress after spending more than two years on a Queen, which we will put in the guest bedroom of our first home when we buy it someday. We also got the new Platform Bed so our Leesa mattress is higher up without needing a box spring. We have zero regrets with our Leesa mattress and cannot recommend it more. The striped gray and white cover you see is removable and machine-washable.

It takes less than 10 minutes to go from bed in a box, to a new King-size bed ready for you to lay on. I won’t lie, the hardest part of this entire process was getting the actual mattress out of the box. The Leesa mattress is in there so tight, which is a good thing, but it can make the mattress a little difficult to get out. It’s definitely a two-person gig. I recommend having one person holding the box and another person to pull the mattress out. After that, center the mattress where you want it to live, cut the plastic, unfold it and watch the mattress rise! Make sure it’s properly aligned and in the right spot because once the mattress expands, it’s not the easiest to move.

Why buying a mattress online is better - Leesa mattress review How a Leesa mattress changed everything in our bedroom An honest review of buying our Leesa mattress online Why we love our Leesa mattress so much we bought it twice

Lessa Pillows

Leesa offers three different pillows, of which we have tried two: the foam pillow and the hybrid pillow. The hybrid is our favorite by far but with a caveat. We both prefer it without the insert inside. This pillow has down-like quilted pockets on one side and a ventilated gel layer on the other. Paired with my favorite silk pillowcases it’s the perfect combination. The reason we don’t like the insert is it makes the pillow a bit too tall for us. I find without the insert, my head, neck and back are perfectly aligned when I lay down and I get my best sleep.

Why you should buy a Leesa mattress online Why we love our new Leesa hybrid pillow - hint: it stays cool!

Now that we have the basics all set, we cannot wait to finish decorating our master bedroom! We truly want it to be a sanctuary for sleep. We’re working on choosing a new headboard, maybe some new bedding and cannot wait to bring y’all along the journey!

How our Leesa mattress changed everything - an honest review

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