The Four Nursery Organization Must Haves We Actually Swear By

We are a few weeks into newborn-parent life and enjoying every second! Thankfully, before her early arrival, NEAT Method Highland Park came by to help us organize all of her things. They helped us get the entire nursery set up, from organizing the closet and dresser to arranging all of the books and gifts we got. Now that we’ve had a few weeks to actually use the nursery, I’m excited to share the four nursery organization must haves we actually swear by.

1. Drawer Dividers

I swear by these drawer dividers for any drawer, let alone nursery organization. Baby clothes are so little, it can be temping to just fold and throw into a drawer. Having the 4″ drawer dividers have made dressing her so easy. Plus, if she needs a new outfit during a diaper change, we can easily find and grab exactly what we’re looking for!

The NEAT Method helped us organize everything by size. In the top left drawer of her dresser, we have preemie footies and onesies, newborn onesies and newborn footies. We hve them organized by color so if we’re looking for something specific it’s easy to find. Plus, it’s so satisfying to look at.

2. Diaper Changing Drawer

I love the idea of using the top two drawers of the dresser as our “home base” for when we do diaper changes. The top left has all of her onesies and footies, which is all she wears right now during her newborn stage. The top right has everything she needs for a diaper change from her diapers to diaper cream. I like how they aren’t out on top of the dresser, potentially collecting dust and cluttering things, but still easily accessible. I’ll usually grab a diaper and the cream out before undressing our daughter so I’m all set.

In this drawer we also have extra diaper trash bags and a few other essentials from FridaBaby essentials to the nail file kit we use.

3. Elfa Closet System

We initially customized this Elfa closet system as our office closet. Now, with the addition of a closet rod, it’s the perfect nursery closet! There is a ton of space and organization for all of baby girl’s things and more. What I love most is how versatile it is (we literally took this from an office closet to a nursery closet) and easily changable! The closet rod is perfect for hanging and organizing any of her clothes that aren’t footies or onesies. In the smaller drawers, we have pacifiers and teething toys, bows, hats and a few random knick knacks.

We stocked up on diapers and wipes and appreciate how the extras are neatly organized here. We know exactly where to go when we’re running low. Plus, we replenish our inventory, we know exactly where to store them away so we know exactly what we have.

4. Exact Mats

I cannot rave about these exact mats enough. The Neat Method first put these into our closet and I easily fell in love. I love how they are the perfect size shelf liners and so easy to clean. They are a bit of an investment, but I’d rather pay than ever cut off-the-rack shelf liners again. I could never get them perfectly straight or the right size… so this solves that problem! I love how they have a slightly gribby surface, too! We have these insider all of her dresser drawers and appreciate how they keep things clean.

In addition to having these inside the dresser, I also asked for one to go on top of the dresser where the diaper changing pad is. Wow. What a gamechanger! If anything, please invest and get one of these for the top of your changing table or dresser. Newborns have projectile bowel movements and can shoot pee everywhere. Having this exact mat has made it so easy to wipe down the top of the dresser when this happens! It’s definitely saved our butts many times over. Plus, we just wipe it down with alcohol after.

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