Modern Nursery Reveal with Urbanology Designs

Modern nursery for a girl by Urbanology Designs featuring KEK Amsterdam wallpaper, oilo glider, Nestig crib, balloon drapery and floral chandelier.

Welcome to our favorite room in our home right now, our daughter’s modern nursery! We’re so excited to reveal the nursery in its full glory and couldn’t have dreamed up a better space for our daughter to grow up in. We are honored to have worked with Ginger Curtis and the Urbanology Designs team to create this inspiring and magical room. From the original design to what it is today, we are so happy with how the room looks and most of all how it functions. We spend most of our days in here now and couldn’t be happier.

Blogger Hoang-Kim Cung holding her daughter in her modern nursery with mural wallpaper, nestig crib and marble sconces designed by Urbanology Designs

The star of the show in this room is without a doubt the wallpaper. Sourced from Amsterdam, it also happens to be called Golden Age, which is what my name, Hoàng-Kim, means in Vietnamese. I love how it depicts a beautiful time and sky that’s magical without being too childish. We wanted a modern nursery that would grow with our daughter and this is exactly that. I worked with the manufacturer to get the dimensions just right since this is a mural and not a repeatable pattern.

Working with Urbanology Designs

I’ve been following Urbanology Designs on Instagram for years. Ginger truly has such a unique eye and creates spaces unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Since Johnny and I both own our own businesses, are tackling a house addition renovation and caring for our families, we knew something had to give. I had no creative juice for a modern nursery and that’s when we decided working with Urbanology would be a dream. Her team creates stunning spaces that truly work with your lifestyle. They are based in DFW, Ginger herself is a cancer survivor and I appreciate the impeccable attention to detail they give every project.

To kick things off, I sent over a honed-down Pinterest board where Johnny and I made comments about what we liked or disliked in each photo or what drew us to that particular image. Then, we sent over a list of goals and anti-goals. What’s an anti-goal? Something we don’t want. So for example, we didn’t want something too childish because we wanted this room to grow with her. From there, we did a Zoom call with Ginger and her team (you can do in person!) and went over each detail.

Blogger Hoang-Kim Cung with Ginger Curtis of Urbanology Designs

The Urbanology Designs team got to work and in a couple of weeks, the design for our daughter’s modern nursery was ready! They invited us to their space in North Richland Hills where they had a full design presentation for us.

There were three designs to choose from. They were all beautiful, but one, in particular, took our breaths away. Ginger did warn me this one was the most expensive option, but we figured go big or go home.

As a full-service design team, Urbanology Designs typically handles everything from start to finish. However, since we had a unique project (just one room versus design for the whole home) we opted to handle the vendors, contractors and things in the room. Then, Urbanology Designs would come in, style the room and photograph it.

Girl nursery with dramatic mural wallpaper, by KEK Amsterdam, willow dresser and Copenhagen mirror by Arhaus and acrylic bookshelves.

We partnered with Arhaus on a number of pieces in the nursery. Our favorite and most-used piece is the Willow Dresser. One of Urbanology’s design principles was just because it’s a nursery, doesn’t mean we have to put specific nursery furniture in it. This means we can continue to use the pieces in this room into our daughter’s teen years or if we want to do a little mix and match and use this dresser in our bedroom or another space in our home, it’s appropriate since it’s not a “kid’s” dresser.

Another item that’s come in huge handy is the linen table lamp. It’s so lightweight, which we truly appreciate. We actually don’t use the overhead lighting too often so we rely on the table lamp and the marble sconces when it’s dark.

Nursery Room for a girl with mural wallpaper, clare paint pink ceiling, custom balloon drapery, oilo glider and Arhaus dresser as a changing table.

We ordered custom balloon drapery to get this billowy effect that adds so much to the room. They are blackout and on a very smooth track system. They are easy to open and close despite their weight. Day Drapery was recommended by Urbanology Designs to create this for us and Samantha was also a dream to work with. We went with a linen material and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product.

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