3 Simple Ways To Get Cute Couples Christmas Photos

3 Simple Ways To Get Cute Couples Christmas Photos from blogger Hoang-KimCouples christmas photo ideas to copy
[outfit_details]On Her: Draper James Holiday Plaid Knit Sweater Dress c/o, Cashmere Tights, Christian Louboutin Heels, Kendra Scott Earrings
On Him: Red Fleece Pullover, Dark Jeans, Chelsea Boots c/o[/outfit_details]

I’m old school in the way I love taking photos, sending and writing handwritten letters and sending out Christmas Cards. I know many couples are interested in taking cute couples Christmas photos, whether you print them out and use as cards or just to have a nice momento together. Photos together can be stressful but they don’t have to be! I’m excited to share three simple ways to get cute couples Christmas Photos. Planning is key, so don’t leave this to the last minute!

If your man needs a little coaxing, remind him it’s the perfect way to capture a moment of you two together so years down the road, you have beautiful memories to look back on. If that doesn’t work, gently say it’s something you love and you’d appreciate it if he, at the very least, could do this for you. I feel lucky in that Johnny always goes along with our photoshoots. Plus, he always loves sharing the photos after, which I’m sure your man would, too!

Christmas cards photo ideas for couples in Draper James holiday plaid sweater dress and Patagonia better sweater on petite blogger Hoang-Kim and her boyfriend Jonathan

1. Plan Your Outfits in Advance

Don’t get caught up trying to throw something together with an hour or two before your photoshoot because it most likely will not work out! I usually like to coordinate our Christmas photos with the color we use for our tree! We are doing red ornaments this year, so I knew I wanted red in my dress somewhere and for Johnny to wear something red. Since I got to shoot with Draper James for their Holiday Collection in Charleston, I thought this holiday plaid sweater dress would be perfect. The navy blue skirt coordinates with Johnny’s blue jeans without being too matchy-matchy.

Personally, I think it’s easier to plan my outfit first, then find something for Johnny to wear. Men’s clothes can usually be pretty easy! In years past, Johnny usually wears a sweater of some sort, so I wanted to keep with that theme. That way he’s warm and happy! Johnny has the gray version of this pullover and it’s going on four years strong! The red pullover is a great addition and very festive!

How to take cute couples Christmas photos wearing Draper James holiday plaid

2. Look Up Poses You Like

It’s good to be prepared! Your photographer should be able to recommend poses, but it doesn’t hurt to scour Pinterest for a few recommendations! Johnny and I like to go back and look at some of our previous photos to see what worked, what didn’t and to get inspiration. Don’t forget to take into consideration what you’re wearing. If there is a shorter skirt involved, most carrying photos might be out of the question unless taken from a very specific angle. Another thing to watch for is any photos taken straight on when you’re sitting. Make sure to cross your legs and have them at an angle for a more flattering look.

Don’t be afraid to have fun and try new things, though! Live in the moment and be spontaneous if that’s how y’all are as a couple!

3. Make Sure to Eat!

It’s hard to smile and be happy if you’re hungry and tired. Make sure to eat a proper meal so you have energy for your photoshoot. I always have a snack bar in my car and water, too. Also, making sure you are properly fueled means you both are in a good mood and won’t get stressed out or short with each other. All in all, it makes the whole experience better!

Easy to make and send Christmas cards from minted

I’m very excited to collaborate with minted to share our Christmas cards this year! This is the third year we’ve worked with them and couldn’t be happier. All holiday cards are 15% off until November 26 with code JOYFUL19! I love how minted makes it so easy with a beautiful selection of holiday cards to choose from. Personally, I love the foil cards and Johnny’s one request was ours be a fun shape, so I oped for the tag cut. Since we wanted a red theme, the Cranberry Garden card was perfect. It completes our cute couples Christmas photos without being overbearing.

I love sending and receiving Christmas cards this way because it allows me to catch up with my friends who aren’t nearby. Being away from home for years, this was a nice comfort. Plus, Johnny and I always write a yearly update on the back of our card to catch up our family and friends. This year, we included a call to action: encouraging them to call/text us to schedule an in-person hang out or just call to catch up if they are far away!

Another reason I love minted is their organized address book. It’s so easy to add, edit and remove contacts! The old days of either handwriting names and addresses or fumbling around with a label maker are over. There are gorgeous printed addresses you can choose from and there’s always one to perfectly match your card. You can even take it a step further and get custom stamps, too!

 Why I still send Christmas cards Beautiful and easy Christmas Cards from mintedBlogger Hoang-Kim shares her Christmas Cards with minted

[one_half]Foil pressed Christmas Cards with minted

Our 2018 Christmas Cards


[one_half_last]Easy and beautiful Christmas cards with minted

Our 2017 Christmas Card


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