Simple and Affordable Fall Front Porch Decor We Love

Affordable fall front porch decor with a tartan plaid rug, doormat, white pumpkins, log rack and birch split firewood with an iron front door
This fall front porch decor post is sponsored by Wayfair. All opinions are my own.

I cannot believe it’s already time to decorate our front porch for fall! I’m giddy and grateful to be decorating my very first home with affordable fall front porch decor. This is truly one of those surreal moments. Since this is our first year in our new build home, we wanted to keep things more on the simple side. We have a black and white house, so I wanted things to stay neutral. I’m not the biggest fan of orange pumpkins… but I love pumpkins and fall colors. I reached out to Wayfair to help us bring my simple and affordable fall front porch to life.

Less Can Be More

I’ll be honest: I tend to go a bit over the top for Christmas, but when it comes to Fall decor, I think less can be more. There’s something elegant about a few neutral fall decor items strategically placed. We have a decent sized porch, but I wanted to focus on our front entry area. We have a doormat encouraging people to take off their shoes before they come into our home, so I wanted to bring a bit of focus to that.

This plaid rug is perfect for that! I got the 3×5 size and the black and white pattern really play off our house. Plus, plaid always means fall and winter! I’m linking a few similar ones below. We love our doormat because it reminds our guests to take their shoes off when coming into our home!

Affordable fall front porch decor with a tartan plaid rug, doormat, white pumpkins, log rack and birch split firewood with an iron front door

Add Texture & Interest

We call our house style transitional – a mix of classic and modern. However, when fall rolls around, I love adding a few farmhouse touches. This log rack has a bit of a modern look with the black metal frame. It’s a bit of a pricy item, but I’d still say it’s an affordable fall front porch decor item. It’s all about how you allocate your budget. Sometimes spending a bit more on a statement item can really elevate your more affordable items, too.

The house shape drew both me and Johnny to it and I love how it’s just a simple, clean silhouette. We were trying to decide between this one and one that’s round. Ultimately, the house shape won because our living room has vaulted ceilings and has that house shape.

We got some birch split firewood to put in it and it’s nice because we’ll be able to use this for our outdoor fire pit, too! We plan on buying more to fill it up a bit more, but I love how it looks on our front porch.

Blogger Hoang-Kim shares her affordable fall front porch decor including plaid pillows, faux pumpkins Blogger Hoang-Kim wearing a free people my only sunshine sweater, stuart weitzman 5050 over the knee boots, on her CB2 breton sofa with plaid pillows and anthropologie monogram mug

Build on What You Already Have

I love color, heck this blog is called Color & Chic for a reason. But when it comes to furniture, I love neutrals because they are easy to build on each season when you decorate. In order to achieve this, I think about each season before I buy a piece of furniture. Can I decorate for spring, summer, fall and winter with this? When we picked our outdoor patio furniture, we kept this in mind. To build on the black metal frame and white cushions, I knew I wanted black plaid pillows. These are small, cute and easy to maintain! I love this plaid pattern more than the traditional buffalo check. They are indoor and outdoor-friendly, which is great!

A tartan throw blanket is also another great way to build on what you have. I love this lambswool one – it’s super soft, cozy and most importantly warm!

Asian woman hanging a Target faux hops wreath on an iron door wearing a burnt orange sweater with black leggings Blogger Hoang-Kim hanging a fall wreath on her iron door wearing a free people my only sunshine sweater in tuscan earth, koral leggings, stuart weitzman 5050 boots. Fall decor with wayfair plaid rug, white pumpkins and doormat

Top it off with a Wreath

I’m a big wreath fan. I love them year-round, honestly, but especially during fall! I loved this gold one because it’s a fall color, but still a bit of a neutral. Since we have an iron front door, we got a suction hook to hang our wreath. Command hooks have come off and so far, the suction hook has done great! Even through a really strong thunderstorm and flash flood warning!

Blogger Hoang-Kim hanging a fall Target wreath on her iron front door outside her Dallas home

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