What You Need to Know About Our Affordable Robot Vacuum

I actually love to clean. I know that’s kind of insanely weird. Now, don’t get me wrong. I still have areas of the house that are messy and it’s not always clean all the time. However, there’s something about cleaning that’s therapeutic to me. Since moving from a small apartment to our first new build home, we got a major upgrade when it came to space! Cleaning our apartment seemed like no big deal, but in a house that’s a different story. I like to tell myself I’m still pretty on top of our cleaning routine, but it’s not always easy. That’s why an affordable robot vacuum was necessary.

We recently bought the Proscenic 820P Robot Vacuum and are excited to share what you need to know about our affordable robot vacuum. First up, it’s only $159. If you buy more than one on eBay, you get each one at a better price. Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this affordable robot vacuum.

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Cleaning Capability

For the price, the Proscenic 820P robot vacuum does a pretty dang good job. Will she pick up absolutely everything? No, especially if it’s bigger than an inch, but I’m not convinced other vacuums would either. The very first day we used her, she immediately impressed us with her ability to use her “sweeping arms” to bring anything toward her to vacuum up. She grabbed croissant crumbs, leftover small garlic shells and those annoying plastic tags from new clothes.

The dustpan has a 600 ML capacity, so we empty her after each use. Things do get stuck in the rotating brush, but again for the price, I’m really not complaining. I’d rather have clean floors and need to clean out her brush maybe once every few weeks than dirty floors and crumbs under my feet.

The Proscenic 820P does recognize carpet from hardwood and will automatically switch to a more powerful mode to clean it. She goes from hardwood to carpet well, but if your rug has a super high pile or perched on a rug pad without a lot of overhang, her arms might get caught in between. Most of the time I’m nearby and just place her onto the rug. I’ve also noticed over time, she realizes which rugs are taller, adjusts and can get herself up on it just fine.


Intelligent Cleaning

The allure of robot vacuums is how they are smart and can do the job for you! Don’t judge this vacuum from the first few cleanings. It’s still learning your home and will adjust. The very first day, she bumped into a couple walls and corners but didn’t leave any damage, so don’t fret. Now, we hardly hear her bump into something and if she does, it’s usually because it’s a newer area she doesn’t clean often. I recommend starting her at a different spots throughout your home, so she can explore and learn for the first week or two.

Another perk of this affordable robot vacuum is how she’ll return “home” after cleaning or when she’s low on battery. Poppins’ home is in our laundry room. I’ll admit, I never thought she’d go home because her charging station isn’t exactly in an easy to navigate area, but she gets home just fine.

We’ve gotten into the habit of setting Poppins loose every other day. We still love our Dyson V11 and we use that a few times a week on days we don’t use Poppins. Nothing really compares to the power and suction of our cordless Dyson. There’s a reason Dyson is so well-known and so expensive. However, our affordable robot vacuum gives us back time because we can do other things while it cleans.

Other Takeaways

Something I really love about our affordable robot vacuum is her low profile. She can easily go underneath our bed, our coffee table and other items we normally would have to move. It’s so nice to know she’s getting these hard-to-reach areas clean so we don’t have to move around bulky furniture.

Another plus, she does a great job of actual mapping and cleaning. Sometimes it may look like she’s going to miss a spot, but when she’s actually done, she doesn’t. She cleans in sections then moves on to another within the same room. I can’t claim to understand it, but I promise you, she’ll grab practically everything.

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