3 Reasons You Need This Best-Selling Blazer In Your Wardrobe

Blogger Hoang-Kim wearing J.Crew Parke Blazer in Heathered Camel with a lace top and distressed jeans for a fall outfit

I got this best-selling blazer last summer and I cannot believe I didn’t get it before! This wool blazer is an outfit maker and can instantly elevate any look. It’s currently a huge 58 percent off, making it less than $100! Plus, the quality and craftmanship is incredinle. I know this will last a lifetime. It’s better to buy a blazer that’s a bit more expensive, but will last versus continuously buying lower quality clothes that break down time and time again.

I initially got the Heather Camel color and got the black earlier this year. Whether you work in a traditional office setting or not, I cannot recommend this blazer enough.

For me, blazers are something you can always add to an outfit. If you need another layer because it’s chilly, reach for a blazer. Looking to make your outfit look a bit more polished? Throw on a blazer. Going out in jeans and a t-shirt? A blazer will do wonders. Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty about why I love this wool blazer so much.

Petite blogger wearing a blazer outfit with a lace top, blue jeans and booties for fall

Quality for a Lifetime

I would pay full price for this best-selling blazer many times over if I had to. This beauty is worth every single penny. It’s made of wool and fully-lined. I feel like very few brands line clothing anymore. The stitching on this best-selling blazer is well done and you will not have loose threads coming off of it. One way to check the quality of a garment is stitching and you want as many stitches per inch as you can get. This blazer has that. Plus, if you pull from both sides of the seam, it doesn’t have any gaps. I have worn this blazer countless times and it is still in excellent condition – even if it ends up in the bottom of a clothing pile or loosely tied onto a purse strap.

You will not find a better blazer, especially at this price point. Yes, there are more affordable blazers out there, but they will pale in comparison. There is a chest pocket in this blazer, which gets me every time. I’ve been told it’s from back in the day, when people needed a place to hold their train ticket. I find myself tucking my phone in there or other small items.

Blogger Hoang-Kim wearing a WAYF lace top, J.Crew Parke blazer, AG Jeans, Kendra Scott earrings for a fall outfit

Why Wool?

The final telltale sign of quality is the fabric. I love wool because it’s not synthetic and is breathable. Wool absorbs moisture and allows air flow, so you aren’t sweating. Finally, it has a much lower carbon footprint than synthetic fabrics such as polyester.

It’s one of the best fabrics and I love how simple and elegant it looks. Yes, it does just look better than synthetic fabrics. What I love about this particular blazer is it’s not super thick. While it’s made of wool, it’s very lightweight, but still gives that layer of warmth if you need it.

It’s available in four classic colors and every once in a while, a fun seasonal color will pop up!

Blogger Hoang-Kim shares a blazer outfit for workwear with a black wool blazer, white ruffled top and black jeans Blogger Hoang-Kim shares a business casual outfit with a black wool blazer, white pleated top and black high waisted jeans

Elevates Any Outfit

Whether you choose to buy this blazer because you work in a traditional office environment or are just looking for something to add to your outfits, you can’t go wrong. You can see how I’m styling this black blazer with black jeans and a soft, feminine blouse. It transforms what would be a more laid-back business casual look into something much more professional. Here is another business casual blazer look.

Of course, you can style it for work with my favorite work pants or a work dress.

Another reason I love blazers is how they really elevate casual outfits. Below I’m wearing a simple sleeveless sweater tank and high waisted jean shorts. The addition of the blazer makes this an elegant outfit and really takes it up a notch.

Fall home decor with a hops wreath, raffia pumpkins, modern lanter, wool blazer and high waisted jean shorts

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