Decorating Our New House with Fall Decor for the First Time

Welcome to our home decked out with fall decor! It’s wild we are decorating our new house for fall for the first time. It’s still a little surreal this is happening and I’m putting fall touches on this house. Since it’s our first year, we wanted to keep things more on the simple side. I love adding accents, but I personally don’t like seeing an overload of Fall decor everywhere. I personally prefer to keep things more neutral, but do love incorporating rich colors and tones.

I’ll start this tour from the outside in and leave links to shop each room below!

Front Porch

We love our white painted brick house with black trim. To keep things streamlined and simple, we kept our fall porch decor to a minimum. We swapped out a navy plaid rug for a black one and kept the layered rug look. There’s something about how a log rack looks in front of a home that’s so charming to me, so I added this house-shaped one! I love the look it adds and we got birch firewood to go with it. It’s perfect for our existing fire pit, too!

If you love pumpkins, I recommend getting faux white ones for fall decor! This way you can bring them out year after year! This cream pumpkin looks super realistic and it’s not super heavy either! Plus, I’ve had it outside without any issues!

Fall home decor for our entryway, black iron door, brass floor mirror, sputnik chandelier, shoe storage and velvet pouf with faux florals Silk florals with cabbage roses, anemone, pampas grass in a Serena & Lily poetto vase


We are still missing an entryway rug and a few other details. However, our entryway is coming along! I’ve been constantly swapping out what we have here. I previously had these black modern lanterns in front of the mirror, but it got to be a little too overwhelming. I opted to keep things a little more simple by incorporating fall faux florals into this massive vase. There’s a mix of darker rich tones with the burgundy peonies while the mauve cabbage roses and anemones can be used year-round!

Everything else is the same from before with the exception of our wreath peeking through the glass.

Fall living room decor with a fireplace, burgundy leaves garland, white farmhouse truck and moreWhite pumpkins and a leaf garland for fall home decor

Living Room

In our living room, we opted for some rich fall colors. We swapped out our eucalyptus garland for one with more burgundy colors. I love how it adds a bit of warmth to our fireplace area. Over the years, I’ve collected a few ceramic pumpkins and love pulling them out each year to place throughout the house. We added this farmhouse style truck that lights up, but in the spirit of full disclosure, I’m not 100 percent sold on it. It’s super cute though!

I got this gold lantern last year and I love filling it up with pinecones, pumpkins and other fall knick-knacks.

Another big change is this almond weighted blanket. It’s a beautiful color and I got the 20-pound weight! I love it and feel super coddled. Plus, I love the chunky oversized knit look. Other blankets like this tend to shed a ton, but with this fabric, it doesn’t shed and is truly such great quality.

Kirklands white truck for fall home decor with a fiddle leaf fig Fall kitchen decor with MacKenzie-Childs items, pumpkin cast iron pot, ceramic pumpkins, black leather barstools and white pendant lights in this white kitchen Pumpkin cast iron pot for kitchen fall decorKitchen fall decor with Aesop reverence soap, white ceramic pumpkins, pumpkin patch candle, cheeseboard and MacKenzie-Childs items


We cook a lot, so we like to keep our kitchen decor minimal. Honestly, we need the countertop space for work and cooking so having a ton of decor just doesn’t work! We got this board as a housewarming present and it’s perfect for resting fall decor on and make it easy to move away if we need the extra space. It’s still surreal I’m decorating our house for fall for the first time.

I love making little fall bundles with small faux pumpkins, pinecones and then adding a few other details. I like to group things in odd numbers for the most organic feel. This ceramic pumpkin is a new addition and I like the slightly rustic feel. Of course, I love how it’s a neutral color.

    White pumpkins, white nightstand, gold globe lamp in a board and batten room

Guest Bedroom

We recently transformed our guest bedroom and I am so happy with how it looks. This is a great example of why I buy neutral decor. Orange pumpkins would just look wrong in this space. These white craft pumpkins (similar here) look elegant against the blue board and batten.

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