Luxury Bathroom Accessories That Transformed Our Space

Blogger Hoang-Kim Cung shares her white transitional bathroom and luxury bathroom accessories like the Serena & Lily Bar Harbor Mirror with bone inlay and Hudson Valley Bowery Sconce

I’m thrilled to share our bathroom reveal! In case you missed it, we decided a few months ago, we wanted to refresh our bathroom and take it up a notch. I’m excited to collaborate with Serena & Lily, one of my favorite places for home furnishings, to transform our space with luxury bathroom accessories. When we initially started building this house (you can see all posts related to our new home build here), we didn’t have the money in our budget to deck out our bathroom. At the design center meeting, we focused on the kitchen and our shower, knowing it wouldn’t require a ton of heavy lifting to update our bathroom down the road. More than a year in, here’s how we transformed our bathroom for a luxury look.

For the longest time, I’ve loved the look of a beautifully framed mirror with sconces on both sides. Overhead lighting doesn’t do anyone any favors and casts some pretty unflattering shadows on your face. You should feel beautiful in your home, so it’s important to light your home in a way that flatters you! Keep scrolling for more bathroom reveal photos!

white transitional bathroom and luxury bathroom accessories like the Serena & Lily Bar Harbor Mirror with bone inlay


Scope of Work

  • Take out builder grade mirrors and hang new mirrors
  • Remove overhead vanity lighting and do the electrical wiring for four sconces
  • Repair drywall as needed
  • Add in-cabinet plug for hair tools
  • Remove can/recessed lighting and hang pendant

It took our contractors about two days to complete our project. For their labor, we paid about $1,100 and they worked at our home for about five hours each day.

If you add up the cost of the mirrors, sconces and accessories, it comes to about $3,000.

This isn’t a bathroom renovation – more of a refresh with luxury bathroom accessories and we wanted to create something special in our space. I carefully took time to find high-quality pieces that are beautiful and fit our aesthetic. You can certainly achieve a similar look at a lower price point, but I wanted to share our theory behind what we chose.

Finding the Perfect Mirrors

I love applying makeup and doing my hair. It’s actually a relaxing part of my day and I enjoy it, even if I need to speed through the routine to get the day started on time. When it came to how we transformed our bathroom for a luxury look, adding statement mirrors was a must. I’ll admit: I struggled to find a mirror. You’ll notice our bathroom layout is a bit odd. My vanity is much wider than Johnny’s, about 55″ and the sink isn’t centered. I looked for months trying to find matching mirrors accommodating the different widths for our vanities to no avail. Finally, I nixed the idea altogether, deciding to get the same size mirrors and I would center mine on my sink and Johnny’s on his vanity.

Our bathroom has a ton of natural light so I wanted a mirror that pops. These bone inlay mirrors are perfect. They come in two colors and the fog color is a gorgeous dark gray shade. I love the attention to detail on these mirrors and the organic look of the imperfect pieces put together. We have the large size and I love how it fills the space without taking over completely.

luxury bathroom accessories in white transitional bathroom like Hudson Valley Bowery Sconce and Serena & Lily Bar harbor mirror luxury bathroom accessories like Hudson Valley Bowery Sconce and Serena & Lily Bar harbor mirror

We hung the mirrors four inches from the backsplash edge and it’s a great height. I’m 5’3 and I can see everything I need to, while Johnny who is 5’10 completely fits inside the frame. To offset the negative space on the right, I added my favorite dipped vase and some faux greenery and florals. I temporarily have an illustration of me made at a press event framed. I’m thinking of adding floating shelves, but want to live with the bathroom this way for a while and go from there.

Another mirror we contemplated getting is the Balboa Mirror. While it is stunning, I’m so glad we went with the Bar Harbor mirror as it aesthetically fits our bathroom better.


We surprisingly use our freestanding bathtub more often than we thought we would. I’ve dreamed of having a fun light fixture above the tub and this pendant light is making that a reality! It’s a bold color choice and matches the black plumbing fixtures in our bathroom. However, the round shape softens up the lines in the bathroom and provides some balance. It’s important to mix and match shapes in a room.

The lighting has transformed and it feels like a luxury bathroom now! We installed two of these globe sconces on either side of our mirrors about 2/3 of the way up. I initially was thinking to hang them at the halfway mark, but it looked a little weird. When you’re doing design, it’s important to be flexible and adapt as the work gets completed. Don’t get too stuck on one concept because something else could look so much better.

Blogger Hoang-Kim Cung's white transitional bathroom with luxury bathroom accessories like a Serena & Lily pendant, Bar Harbor Mirrors, Hudson Valley Lighting Bowery sconces, balboa X stool and more


luxury bathroom accessories including Serena & Lily Fouta Bath Towels on white herringbone shower tile White transitional bathroom with luxury bathroom accessories like Serena & Lily bar harbor mirrors in fog, Hudson Valley Bowery Sconce and more.

The Little Details

I’m a detail-oriented person, so I couldn’t do our bathroom transformation without thinking of the little details. I’ve been looking for some type of table to put by our tub for months. Johnny and I have also talked about incorporating some type of seating for one of us if the other is still getting ready. We love being able to be together, especially in the mornings and at night, to sync up and having seating would really make the time more enjoyable. This X stool fits the bill and is so comfortable. The natural color of this stool really warms up our bathroom and breaks up all the gray, black and white tones.

I never understood the hype about bath linens until I discovered Serena & Lily’s bath mats and towels. The quality is superb and I appreciate how both dry so quickly! The bath mat looks simple, but it feels so plush and almost memory-foam-like! I have them in my parents’ bathrooms and they hold up so well! We throw into the washing machine and lay flat to dry.

Blogger Hoang-Kim Cung's white transitional bathroom with luxury bathroom accessories like a Serena & Lily bar harbor bone inlay mirror Serena & Lily Balboa X Base stool with luxury bathroom accessories in a white transitional bathroom

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