Easy, Affordable Table Setting for our Small Dining Room

Small dining room decor for apartmentsSmall dining room decor for apartments
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We are a few months into our completed small dining room and still loving it. While I have nice plates for when family and friends come over, we made a quick decision to use something lighter and more affordable for every day. From afar, this affordable table setting looks more expensive than it is. The colors are nice and with pretty “jewelry” aka our gold flatware, it looks very pulled together. I love being able to mix and match high-end and affordable pieces. Our affordable table setting may cost less than $1 but combined with our custom velvet dining chairs from Interior Define, which is currently doing a 15% off sale, more on that below, and marble dining table everything looks seamless.

Affordable table setting for dining rooms

Each of these pieces, the smaller bowls, dinner bowls and plates are 79 cents. Yes, 79 cents for each once. Talk about an affordable table setting! They are plastic, lightweight and according to the bottom are both microwave and dishwasher safe. I won’t really attest to microwave-safe since I’m wary of any plastic going into a microwave. Plus, Johnny and I are very careful about putting plastic in the microwave at all. However, the dishwasher safe part is absolutely true. Even with the black plates, these have gone in and the come back out looking exactly the same. I’m thoroughly impressed for how cheap these are and how well they are holding up!

Surprisingly enough, Johnny chose the pink color when I asked him which color we would go with. I showed him all the colors available (black, gray, green and blue) and he said the pink looked best. While I originally wanted to go with pink plates, I’m glad I went with black. It grounds the table and makes it just a little less feminine. Thank goodness Johnny just doesn’t care and he also doesn’t think pink is a feminine color.

Dining room decor ideas with affordable table settings, gold flatware and a marble tableAudrey Custom velvet dining chairs with gold legs from Interior Define in a small dining room

These custom velvet dining room chairs have been a part of our lives for a few months and we absolutely love them. Interior Define is actually doing 15 percent off sitewide, which is incredible. It’s the only sale they do the entire year and the perfect time to upgrade your furniture. We opted to get the Audrey Chair in mod velvet (more on that entire process here) and I can’t imagine our dining room with any other chairs.

Interior Define has incredible, high-quality furniture at competitive prices. You can customize every piece to make sure it not only looks beautiful but works for you in your space. For us, we are in the stage of our lives where we want our furniture to last. We want something we can bring from this apartment to our first home and even to our dream home when we can afford it one day. Interior Define has gorgeous sofas, sectionals, chairs and so much more. You can get 10 free swatches, which I highly recommend you take advantage of! Every computer or phone screen can make the color look different. Plus, it’s just so much better to see and hold a swatch in your hand so you can really see if it’s something you’ll like.

Small dining room decor ideas with Interior Define custom velvet dining chairs with gold legs, marble table and ivory rug

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