Affordable Home Decor

Bathroom decor with gold hardware, trial towels and eucalyptus

I still pinch myself this is the bathroom I get ready in every day. I’m very lucky it’s so bright and airy. However, a lot of the touches really making the space are not expensive and they do not have to be. I want to share some affordable home decor with y’all in this post. Decor can be a little tricky so I want to share a few things I always do when I choose decor and put together a space. Since we live in an apartment, we don’t get to choose everything. We are super fortunate ours came with gorgeous hardware. However, building upon that is key.

This bathroom has both gold and black hardware, but less of the latter. That’s why I’m choosing to add more black touches to bring out the black towel ring and bars in the bathroom. These tribal towels are super affordable and look so much more expensive than they are. I love the tassels at the bottom and mix of patterned stripes. Also mixes up the vibe in the bathroom so it’s not too glam or too traditional. When decorating, you don’t want to buy an entire set. Mixing and matching is key to a space looking well designed.

I’m currently working on redoing our bedroom and adding a few touches to the living room. Below I’m sharing some other affordable home decor items catching my eye. I love luxe fabrics including velvet when decorating. It adds a touch of glam without being too gaudy. Just don’t go overboard. You can click on any of the pieces below to shop.