How to Find “Hidden” Time for What You Love

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As I mentioned a few months ago, I’m getting back into figure skating and taking it more seriously. Johnny and I have taken time out of our busy schedules to make it to the ice rink and practice for at least an hour every time. I’m not going to lie, it’s not easy. Between work, family time and caring for my Dad who has a traumatic brain injury, finding “hidden” time is extremely tricky. Many of us have been asked the question, “If you had an extra hour a day, how would you spend it?” For me, without a doubt, the answer would be figure skating.

In this post, I’m going to share three steps you can take to find hidden time for what you love. You can use this time to pursue a hobby, learn a new skill, spend it talking to your parents if you live far away from them… the possibilities are endless!

How to find hidden time for what you love

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1. Be Honest About Your Schedule

Being busy is something our society seems to be obsessed with. It’s “good” to be busy because it means you’re doing “important” things. Now, that’s not to say that’s not always true but taking time to do something for yourself is important. It may not be the popular thing to do, but it’s the healthy thing to do. You need to find hidden time to pursue something you love.

Take a look at your schedule and be honest. That hour you spend almost every night watching Netflix could easily be spent elsewhere. Check your screen time on your phone. Do you spend a few hours more than you’d like to admit scrolling through Facebook or Instagram? That could be hidden time for doing what you love! You can take control and dedicate that time to something that fuels your spirit.

Something I’ve found useful is to “double-up” when I can. For example, if we’re catching up on a TV show or watching a movie, I’ll make sure to have my laptop handy for work or take time to use a heating pad on my bad knee. I also use this time to do online shopping or find new recipes for when we meal prep over the weekend. This way, I’m getting multiple things done at once and it frees up more “hidden” time for what I love.

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2. Budget Your Time

Just like we all budget our money, we should do exactly the same with our time. As I’ve gotten older, I find myself realizing how valuable time is, even more so than money. Johnny and I set a budget for how much we would spend each month and how we split it; we also use a cash back credit card. For example, I use my Chase Freedom Unlimited card to pay for groceries, gas and anything skating related. My most recent purchase was a pair of compression socks! My Chase Freedom Unlimited card allows me to earn 1.5 percent cash back on every purchase. Keeping with their cash back rewards system I talked about in a previous post, I put some of that cash back into ice skating. However, I keep close tabs on how much I’m spending and make sure I’m realistic when it comes to what I’m buying.

The exact same goes for your time. You have to be realistic when you find hidden time. If you only have maybe 30 minutes to an hour to spare each week, don’t plan for something that could take up to two hours. You’ll end up not making it, feeling behind, or letting yourself down, which will lead to frustration toward what you love. That’s the opposite of what you want. Once you figure out how much time you have, plan accordingly and stick to it!

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3. Make It A Priority

Johnny and I have been pretty good with making it to the ice rink regularly. However, there have been periods of time where we just cannot make it happen. We are all fighting against the clock and sometimes our hobbies will be the first thing sacrificed. While it is a hobby, remember you are doing something you love. The passion and joy you feel when you’re doing it is what will fuel you at work, in your life, and it will make you less stressed.

While we have a preferred ice rink that we go to, sometimes we have to fit in time to go ice skating wherever possible. After all, as Johnny’s “coach,” I need to give him ice skating lessons on a regular basis so that he keeps improving. Make sure you create a schedule after you find hidden time.

On the way to visit Johnny’s Mom for dinner, we actually went figure skating at the Dallas Galleria, which is where it all started for me. About 20 years ago, I first stepped out onto the ice at this rink in a mall and fell in love with the sport. It’s pretty crazy to be back on the ice there, 20 years later. The rink has changed quite a bit. It’s much smaller now and not ideal for practicing but we are making ice skating a priority, and so when we can get time on the ice in, we make it happen.

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