Our New Custom Velvet Dining Chairs with Interior Define

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Interior Define Custom Dining Chairs, Marble Dining Table (also in oval), Rug (5×7) [/outfit_details]

One of the things I was most excited about really moving in together was our own space. Working on it together, weekend home projects and finding out what we love. Before I even moved back home to Texas, I knew I wanted this dining table. The combination of marble, brass and clean lines draw me in every time I look at it. I’m partnering with Interior Define to share how we created these gorgeous custom dining chairs to perfectly complement our space. I could not be happier with how they turned out and they are so exquisite in person. Everything from the craftsmanship to the quality is impeccable. I didn’t think getting custom dining chairs would be possible for us, but Interior Define made it happen.

Below, I’ll walk through the process, how long it took and any care and maintenance we do to ensure these will last years. We plan on keeping these into our next home and perhaps the next one. That’s why we wanted to make sure to go with a quality product.


The Process

Interior Define was founded on the belief a quality item should customizable and accessible. Everything on their website is customizable, meaning you can choose the fabric, color and more. I think it’s so fun to be able to play with different textures and hues to see what best fits your home and lifestyle. Interior Define is digital first and predominately inventory-free (since everything is custom) so they can bring high-quality, custom pieces at very competitive prices. We originally did not think this would be possible but here we are with gorgeous velvet custom dining chairs.

The Interior Define team designs everything at their headquarters in Chicago. Then, each piece is made by hand in China, one of the world’s foremost upholstery production hubs. Every single piece is inspected before it’s shipped to its new home so the quality is consistent.

Choose A Silhouette

There are three different dining chair silhouettes to choose from. Each one starts at $400 for fabric chairs and $700 for leather chairs. Yes, it is expensive but worth every penny for the ability to customize every step of the way! Johnny and I will be keeping these as our dining chairs for years to come. When our family expands, we will add more of these chairs. Ultimately, we will most likely end up with eight or so.

We love the Audrey because it’s glamorous with clean lines. The other two, while gorgeous didn’t fit our aesthetic. This is what we love about going custom. The ability to choose what is right for us in the color we want.

Picking a Fabric & Color

Of course, there are countless fabrics to choose from. Performance felt, structured cloth, sateens, weaves… we chose velvet because it’s been a dream of mine. I also wanted a velvet sofa but we took the practical route there. Getting custom velvet chairs is my chance to live out that velvet dream, ha! If this part is overwhelming or you’re more of a visual, sensory person, you can get swatches shipped to you for free. They arrive within a week.

Custom dining chairs give you a lot of flexibility as far as aesthetics. However, Johnny and I took a while to decide on what color velvet to go with. Originally, I wanted a pop of color such as a rich emerald or royal navy. Then, the realistic side of me believed a neutral would be the way to go. White or cream popped into my head first. However, a lot of our favorite Vietnamese dishes have pretty opaque colors. I could see us eating a bowl of Bún riêu and a bright red dot landing on our pristine white chairs.

In the end, we chose Narwahl Mod Velvet with matte brass legs. This actually ended up matching the brass base on our dining table perfectly! We couldn’t believe how fortunate we got.

Wait Time

Orders are typically delivered in eight to 12 weeks, so keep this in mind. Since each item is handmade to your specifications in China, it won’t be instant. However, it is absolutely worth the wait. Plus, there is white glove delivery service. A team will deliver, unbox and take away packing supplies. It literally took less than 15 minutes once the team was in our apartment. A fun perk was complimentary the wood coasters coming with our chairs.

First Impressions

Thanks to the comfort and durability of these chairs, our dining room has turned into Johnny’s new reading spot when we aren’t hosting friends or family. I’m a petite person and the back of the chair is in the perfect spot for me or someone who is much taller. Plus, I appreciate how soft the cushion is because of my broken tailbone.

Care and maintenance wise, these are very easy so far. I’ll brush the velvet with my hands so it all swoops in one direction before guests come over and that’s it. In a few months, we’ll probably vacuum them to make sure they’re super clean. We wipe own the brass legs with a damp cloth every few weeks so they don’t get dusty but that’s it. We are so thrilled with our custom dining chairs!


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