Always Earning :: Why I’m Taking Figure Skating Seriously Again

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This post was made in collaboration with Chase Freedom Unlimited, all opinions are my own.[/outfit_details]

Figure Skating was my first love, minus the exception of my Mom and Dad, of course.  5-year-old me pressed my face against the glass at the Dallas Galleria Mall, mesmerized by a Christmas show. Skaters were flying across the ice. My family couldn’t afford anything at Dallas Galleria, which was considered a luxury mall at the time. We went to window shop and soak in the Christmas spirit. Fast forward three years and according to my family, I never stopped asking for lessons. My sister who just graduated from pharmacy school said she would pay for my first lesson. It changed my life.

Through competitive figure skating, I learned grit, hard work, self-motivation, how to overcome fear and the power of consistency. I stepped away from competitive figure skating nine years ago. But recently I realized something was missing from my life: the feeling of flying I can only get when figure skating. Since I got Johnny a pair of figure skates for Christmas, we’ve been enjoying going skating here and there, so much so that I’ve made a goal to start skating regularly and re-learn some of the tricks I loved to do so much.

I’m so excited to be teaming up with Chase to share how their Chase Freedom Unlimited Card will make sure I’m always earning on my figure skating journey. I’ve used Chase credit cards for years and adding the Freedom Unlimited card to the mix was a no brainer.

I take financial responsibility very seriously but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy life. After all, I wouldn’t have been a competitive figure skater for 11 years if it wasn’t fun to me. What I like about rewards credit cards is how they can help you earn cash back or points. Johnny and I love saving the points for travel. In fact, we used Ultimate Rewards points to pay for our flights to the Winter Olympics last year!

The Chase Freedom Unlimited Card allows me to earn 1.5% cash back on every purchase. Meaning every time I pay for ice time, buy new skating gear or stock up on protein powder to make sure I’m properly fueled, my cash back credit card is working just as hard as I am on the ice. It’s one of the ways I’m always earning with every purchase. Plus, I’ll be paying for tons of ice time, so it’s nice all of those purchases will go toward my goal.

Chase graciously sent a toolbox to help me accomplish my goal. I couldn’t help but smile when inside there was a heating pad with lavender for those days when I’m super sore. I remember the days of heating and icing various parts of my body after a hard training session. The team at Chase really understands what I’m in for as I work toward my goal of improving my skating skills and getting my layback spin back. They also included hair ties, a water bottle and a notebook, which I’ll use to document my progress.

Something I learned from a young age with skating is how important writing down your goals are. I believe if you put it out there in the universe, you make it possible. My goal is very specific to me, but whether you are saving for a house, a new car, or a fun vacation, it’s important to take steps toward achieving that goal. You have to map out the steps you can take and a relative timeline so you stay on track.

For example, I want to improve my skating skills. I need to work on my edges, really getting down into my knees and carving on the ice with my blades. Being more efficient each time I push on the ice so I’m not wasting energy, etc. The same goes for a vacation or a trip. Years ago, when we decided we wanted to go to the Winter Olympics, we started paying for everything with our credit card, so we could build up points.

I’m so excited to bring you along this journey with me and to share some ways Johnny and I practice financial responsibility. I’m very fortunate in that my family always talked about money and finances growing up. There’s a lot I can learn but I’m thankful I had a good springboard.

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