The Best Gifts for Men (That They Actually Want)

Blogger Hoang-Kim with her fiancé Jonathan in front of their white painted brick house in Dallas wearing a green dress and sweater

Wow! 2020 has been anything but uneventful. We could all use something to universally look forward to and for me, it’s the holiday season. Here’s my always, but even more extensive, guide of the best gifts for men. Because who doesn’t have more spare time on their hands these days…you know…if you don’t have kids yet anyway. Bless all the mom and dads reading this.

This one’s for all the Color & Chic readers who are wondering what their men really want. I’ve tested a good number of these myself and I’ve added some items that are so good they’re on my personal “treat yourself” gift list. If you’re a guy, share this with your significant other if she needs a hint. Good luck fellas!

Same rules apply in the 5th edition as last year’s.

The best gifts for men are organized in order of the level of relationships to the guy in your life.

  1. From gifts for guys in your life like your boss, neighbors, and acquaintances who you deem worthy of gifts in general ($),
  2. to your close cousins and close friends ($$),
  3. to brothers, dads, husbands, fiances, and boyfriends ($$$).

How Things Made This Gift Guide For Men

  1. Is this something he’d use every day? Men are usually functional creatures. My favorite things in life are items I use everyday making my life materially better.
  2. Is this something that will last? Guys buy certain things a lot and some things never. For example: I buy a lot of books all the time but I never buy clothes. I want to make sure whatever you get him will be something he doesn’t have to buy again unless it’s lost.
  3. Will this make your life better over the next year? This is where books, movies, and other “tools” will not only benefit him, but benefit you too. Win-win!
  4. Will his face light up? This is the most subjective question. It’s really for you to answer for the man in your life. What do they love? What are their hobbies?

With that out of the way, here are 50+ ideas for every man in your life.

Stocking Stuffers

Let’s start with some layups in my annual gift guide for men.

These three ideas starting this gift guide for men may not make his eyes light up, but they’ll definitely help his phone light up.

  • 10 ft Lighting Cable – You may need to get this for your significant other, yourself, and all your family members. Hoang-Kim and I have one reaching out to out to each of our nightstands and near our dining table…which doubles as a coworking table during the day. These threaded cables durably last.
  • Wireless charger – Unless he’s getting the new iPhone 12 Max with MagSafe (thank heavens it’s back!), this is my go to for iPhone XS and any Android phones with wireless charging capability.
  • 2.5x faster charge Power Strip or Power Cube – working from home is no longer a luxury. That means serious upgrades to all the spaces in your home are the gift that keeps on giving. Getting the right production and electric outlet output gives you security and convenience. We sometimes have 2-3 people working at the table and both of these items are lifesavers. No more fighting for plugs in your own home!

  • Smart Plugs – This one feels like magic and is compatible with all smartphones and items. Instead of spending on a smart device, just get a smart plug and control your “dumb” lights from anywhere. Now he can turn off all the lights before bed with one touch. I’ve plugged in our Christmas trees and all our lamps. Every night, I’m like Harry Potter, the chosen wizard. Lumos! Easily one of the best gifts for men.
  • Adapters (USB-micro and USB-C) – If you are splitting an iOS vs. Android household or have several devices with different charging ports, this is an easy one. I’m sure it’s frustrating when you get to the end of the wire just to find exactly what you don’t need. Why not have both!
  • Tile – As a guy who loses track of his stuff, this is very high on my own self-gift list. I have to stop asking Hoang-Kim where my things are constantly… and so should the man in your life. After losing my AirPods Pros and sitting in a purgatory of shame, I’ll have to invest in these before buying any more AirPods. You’ll both be thankful every time he asks where his wallet, keys, etc. are once you get a tile attached.
  • Cards Against Humanity – Naughty naughty. After playing this game sporadically since college and even at bars, it’s a wonder this didn’t make the list until now. If he’s got the language of a sailor and the whit of Dave Chappelle and some friends with a similar demeanor, you’ll never be bored during the holidays. You might even find out how filthy and funny your family members are.
  • Mexican Train Game – This has been our 2020 go to game for when friends come over. We were introduced to it at a friends house after helping them install their cabinet handles and knobs. It took 5 minutes to teach and away we went. We’ve taught new friends the game and it always ends in a long, fun night. Super easy to learn, deceptively difficult not to have fun. 
  • Everyday Carry Pocket Knife –  Every guy needs an everyday carry pocket (EDC) knife. Whether he keeps it in his car or in his pocket, it’s incredibly valuable to be the guy who can cut open something at the right time. With more than 10 Amazon boxes up showing up at your door every week, this will definitely come in handy this holiday season. It can double as a bottle opener if you’re smart. This blade is 2.6 inches and non-threatening to carry around. This is important because you cannot carry a knife more than 5.5 inches in Texas. Lastly, it’s feather-light at just 1.4 oz.
  • Moleskin Journals. I don’t think about what to write. I write to think. For the contemplative and observant types in your life. It’s definitely a must-have for the Type-A’s in your family. Tell them the greatest men listened and took notes when important people spoke. I’m not much of a writer, but one of the best tips I’ve gotten was to take notes when you’re speaking with important people. They take it as a sign of respect and active listening. No one feels respected even if you’re typing notes on your phone or computer. Get it dotted, squared, ruled, or plain. Get it in multiple colors. One thing for sure…don’t cheap out on a daily-use journal. He’ll appreciate the binding and paper quality. It makes a significant difference.


For the men in your life who have earned a little more than a stocking stuffer. This section in my gift guide for men includes a lot of things I use personally use every day and at least weekly.

  • Everyday Lowball Tumbler – After getting Corkcicle Tumblers for last Christmas, I decided to try YETIs after hearing about them for the past decade. I can see why guys love them so much. It’s not just about the product. It’s great. I get a weirdly confident, tribal feeling when drinking from a YETI. The Lowball is a great everyday tumbler he can use at home to keep his drinks colder or hotter for longer.
  • Travel Sized 30 oz Tumbler – This baby is my daily driver. If I’m working, I have it within five feet of me at all times, whether it’s keeping my cold brew at the perfect temperature, on my nightstand…not leaving a water ring, or in my car…this tumbler never fails.
  • Custom Tumbler – I love that YETI has a super simple and direct way to get custom logos and monograms done to personalize their tumblers. I got one for my company and some for our team. If you’ve got a family crest or something that he’d love on his everyday driver, consider it worth it.
  • Black Mug – Anthropologie stopped selling the black with white letters and I’ve found some of the other mugs too feminine for my taste. This mug though…when I looked at the 30+ mugs available was the perfect one I’d feel somewhat rugged with some hot coffee in hand.

  • 5-minute Journal – If you’ve heard him say he wants to meditate in the morning or enjoys a little writing/reflection, this is the perfect gift. The 5-minute journal is a gratitude journal that makes him think about all his blessings. It’s a quick morning activity that reminds him of his blessings, set some goals, and review the day. These are always fun to go back to a year or two later to remember where you were in life.
  • Plug-in Streaming Media Player – If you’re thinking about cutting cable, this is the perfect time to get this streaming media player as your hub all your streaming entertainment. Just make sure he has Amazon Prime to make things easy. He can watch his favorites from Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV, HBO, and more. Stream for free with Pluto, IMDB TV, and more. These are so easy to setup, I helped my mom get her local channels in 10-20 minutes and saved her $7/month paying to “rent” the cable box.
  • Portable, Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – This little monster gives us terrific sound and is the speaker we use both in the master bathroom and bedroom to listen to podcasts every morning. There’s a fantastic deal right now that moves this into the $ section. Incredible value gift.
  • Must Have Laptop Stand – Another work from home must have for those laptop first folks. I’m not sure if you’ve watched him working with his shoulders hunched and his neck angled down to work. This is the sturdy savior that brings his laptop to eye level. That way he can sit up straight confidently and he’ll also look better on all his Zoom calls. Thank me later.
  • Japanese Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Not going to lie. I was an avid Starbucks cold brew person…mostly just to get out of the house most of the time. Since COVID-19 hit and lockdowns started in April, Hoang-Kim finally got me into the habit of brewing my own coffee. I’m the psychopath who drinks cold brew year round. If it was -20 degrees…I’d have a cold brew in hand. I just like the low acidity from this method of brewing. I can really taste the coffee. All you do is fill it up and steep overnight. It’s stupidly easy, stupidly cheap, and stupidly good. Do him a favor and start this habit. I learned the hard way after blowing too many discretionary dollars over the years on coffee.
  • Rocketbook Infinity Planner – This is the upgrade from the blank Moleskins. I just got this for work and have started getting in the groove of using it. Having some real planner templates have 2x’d my productivity just by keeping me focused. The ability to quickly scan and upload notes to the cloud helps me need to collect knowledge and thoughts. Did I mention it’s actually only 16-20 pages thin and you can wipe away the ink with water and a microfiber cloth. Insanely useful for the journaling or checklist freaks.
  • Doorway Pullup Bar – Nothing builds confidence like being able to do pull ups. Like squats, it’s one of the few exercises that tests functional strength. I ascribe to the 5×5 rule. I’ll do 5 pull ups 5 times a day while I’m in the home office. It’s a saving grace since my spine gets some traction and I get some activity during the day despite long hours at a desk. Eventually you’ll be looking at a V-shape of a man.

  • Official Competition Dart Board & Wall Protector – Another game I’ve been happy to introduce into my life during lockdown. There’s was a “bubbled” happy hour I went to during the summer with some entrepreneurs where I got to pick back up my dart skills. This is where I got introduced to the wall protector. An invaluable piece to add around your board to save yourself the embarrassment and some weekend spackling. I’ll be adding this to my garage / weekend man cave shortly.
  • French Press Coffee Maker – You could get the generic version, but with any tool that you use daily, I always say get the “real thing.” There’s a difference in craftsmanship in the glass and plunger that makes a difference for coffee snobs. Make sure you get the right OZ size for everyday coffee making. The vacuum created when you plunge the press makes all the difference. No plastic smell or taste in your coffee ever again.
  • 39 pc Starter Toolkit – This gift ranks VERY VERY high in the “will this make your life better this year” category and the “Is this something that will last” category. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received was a tool kit from my Dad. I use it almost weekly and bring it to friends who need a helping hand. This covers all the basics for any small projects.
  • If he’s an avid traveler, save him with this adapter – So many reasons to want your charging block to sit flush to the wall, especially in confined spaces like airports and airplanes. He will appreciate this very small, but very handy pro tool.


The annual knowledge section in my gift guide for men. Find books that will improve his life and yours. Buy from a local shop if you can and support other entrepreneurs.

  • Almanac of Naval Ravikant – If he’s on Twitter, Reddit or in tech, he’ll know who this is. If he’s not, it won’t matter. The style of writing and graphics in this book can be life changers. It’s a simple two part book on wealth and happiness. The quote that always sticks with me is, “People often forget that Buddha was a prince first.” People forget that to achieve enlightenment, you have to first realize how more there is to life than having everything. There’s no shortcuts. That quote reframed my world. He does this several times over uncovering hidden truths in all our lives. 
  • The Mamba Mentality – RIP Kobe Bryant – My original thought when I received it…”There’s more pictures than words!” If pictures are worth a thousand words, this ones got millions. Kobe was a one of a kind competitor. Love him or hate him, everyone respected him. 

  • Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up – I’ve been loving books with unique structures. Reboot is an interactive book for anyone stuck in a leadership rut. It really forces you to think introspectively and then hear the stories of others in a way that gets you to an AHA! moment. If he’s in a transitioning moment in his life, this book will help him start answering the hard questions. The author who is a successful operator and investor has been called a living boddhivista. That’s some of the highest praise I’ve ever heard. His superpower is making people cry. No…not because he’s mean, but because he really sees people. This book can do that. I’ve spent plenty of reflective Sundays going through the book and exercises.
  • Psychology of Money – Personal finance is 90% personal and 10% finance. So much of money isn’t logic…it’s human behavior. Morgan Housel provides a tour de force of whimsical and moving stories that change your relationship with money. He has a chapter that’s one page. There’s no fluff. Just a bunch of fantastic stories of money and human behavior to learn from. If that recommendation wasn’t enough, it’s not everyday that Cavalry Media, producer of the Social Network and Fifty Shades of Gray, licenses your book to make a video series or movie with all the financial trappings.

  • Exhalation – Similar to Psychology of Money, this is a book you can enjoy in fits and spurts and never feel ashamed. The author of Arrival, Ted Chiang, brings multiple thought provoking, short sci-fi stories. Reading each one felt like imagining a new Black Mirror episode. You will not be disappointed by the mind bending. 
  • Negotiation: Never Split the Difference – Written by Chris Voss, the former FBI top hostage negotiator. He went to Harvard Business School and single-handedly re-wrote a lot of the curriculum. It’s filled with battle-tested strategies and tactics from high-stakes, life or limb negotiations into the business setting and made “professionals” look silly. He deep dives into some great, actionable tactics you can use immediately. I reference this book often before going into negotiations.
  • Humans Table Book – If he’s a Humans of New York fan, he’ll love this. Humans encapsulates Brandon Stanton’s country hopping journey to provide HONY type photos and stories during his time outside of New York. I always find each page so endearing. It brings my humanity and empathy back with each story. We are all so different, but so close all at once.

  • Architectural Digest: A Century of Style Table Book – Having recently bought a house, I’m constantly looking for inspiration. We want to turn our blank canvas into our own. If he’s a home improvement type or an architecture enthusiast, this will arouse his senses.


He deserves something saying, “I’m really thankful you were in my life this year!” The section of the gift guide for men who are close friends and family.

  • Portable Jump Starter with Air Compressor – I was going to take this off the list, but having had to jump Hoang-Kim’s car recently the old fashioned way, I thought I’d keep this on. This would’ve been a lifesaver. It’s so valuable we helped our respective parents once and they ended up keeping it…hence the old fashioned jumper cables. Keep it charged up and never have an issue with low tire pressure or a dead battery. Especially good for road trips since it can help fill up balls and bicycle tires too. My favorite feature is the compressor hose can screw onto your tire nozzle securely before turning on the compressor. Every guy needs one of these in their car.
  • 21.5″ Work From Home Monitor – There’s no debating that we’re living on our screens these days and it can be exhausting. It’s especially exhausting if you’re in front of a 13.3 inch or smaller screen all day. This is the saving grace. Incredibly valuable and quick upgrade to the home office setup. It’s not a performance monitor, so great for the basics, but no high end PC gaming on this thing. There’s a gaming PC monitor I’ve linked further below for those fellas.

  • All Fall Overcoat – Perfect for winter walks in New York…except not this year. Sigh. When I put this on, I immediately get taken back to snow covered side walks and skating in Central Park. If he doesn’t have an overcoat, this is a great piece to add to his collection that he can wear over his suit and check in before your date formally begins. I got mine in camel as a changeup to all my black and navy. Mucho suave.
  • Button-down shirts: Without fail for almost a decade, J. Crew has been my go-to for casual button-down shirts. They’ve always had great tailored fit accentuating my shoulders and slim my torso. They update their prints annually with a few classics and I always come back. These are fantastic shirts that will last and last. I have had 1-2 “busted sleeves” where I ripped a hole through the sleeve because when I wear it with my sleeves rolled up, my elbow can get caught in the wrong part of the shirt when working and I rip through the sleeve. This only happens after a lot of washes through the years or the one time I mistakenly bought a factory version. Get the real deal!
  • Dress Pants – Sometimes it’s okay to get the store brand. These Nordstrom Chinos are perfect to me. You’re getting him a pair of pants for a great price, good feel, and fit great. Skip the pleats. The trick is getting them tailored. If you’re a Nordstrom member or get them full-price they’ll tailor them for free.
  • Lounge Pants – part of my weekend uniform – These pants from Outdoor Voices are incredibly versatile. I start every Saturday with them on rain or shine. I can get a workout in, handle some chores, and go out and run errands while looking great and feeling great. Every guy could use a pair.
  • Tommy John Boxer Briefs –  I know…underwear…really? Yes really. As a guy who has at times severely underinvested in underwear, take it from me that you want to spend a little extra on a few pairs of underwear. Remember…they’re the most intimate part of his everyday dress. Invest in keeping your man’s parts comfortable and dry. I also love that boxer briefs are comfortable and breathable enough to get a good workout in too. Get him a pair (like 2 pairs hah)
  • Instant Pot – I’m not sure if I even need to pontificate here. There’s been 100,000+ reviews, multiple YouTube channels, and entire books written about this life changing home product that takes care of a bunch of existing tools and surely something you’ll be using multiple times and week an even daily. They’ve dummy proofed pressure cookers and are a godsend for those with small kitchens (i.e. in NYC, LA, Seattle, or San Francisco)
  • 8” Japanese Steel Chef’s Knife – If he’s cooking regularly, he’s prepping vegetables and carving meats. Nothing is more annoying than a dull knife. I thought I had sharp knives until I got this knife. Cutting literally anything is infinitely easier. The test is finely dicing onions. I’m getting translucently thin onions effortlessly. It cuts through everything like butter and just keeps going.

  • Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky – I’ve yet to add this to my own collection, but have heard nothing but fantastic things. I’m jealous every time I see a friend post about it on Facebook or see an acquaintance cracking one open on a fine Saturday evening. If he’s a whiskey fan, he’ll appreciate that you picked a Japanese whiskey, which is all the rage and gorgeously smooth.


We are reaching “subscription overload” at this point. With that in mind, this section of my gift guide for men only includes what I deem “the essentials.”

  • AppleTV+ – Hit after hit after hit. The Morning Show was a hit for Hoang-Kim and I to enjoy together. Ted Lasso’s positivity and humor single handedly got me through election coverage and gave me a pep in my step to boot.
  • Disney+ – If you have kids, this is basically buying time. I’m not sure what better way you could spend your money with WFH and distance learning driving all of us bonkers.

  • Wall Street Journal – In a sea of biased reporting, I’ve been able to trust their reporting and writing across multiple sectors. They have a “gotcha” special at $1 for 2 months that hooked me. It’s ~$40/month if they trap you after all the 50% off specials. You can google a way to get it for $21/month. That’s the plan I’m on. Great for having a well-read man in your life. For me, I just got tired of getting paywalled too often for articles I wanted to read. The subscription is intellectual freedom from the paywall hah! I’ve now been sucked into the occasional crossword puzzle.
  • Butcher Box – This one is aspirational. So many avid carnivores in my life swear by the quality of the cuts they get delivered in their Butcher Box. If you want the finest…even if it’s just one set, this is better than whatever you’ll find at Omaha Steaks.


Just wow! For the guys who have made a big impact on your life year-after-year. They’ve earned a golden goose egg of a gift. This section of my gift guide for men will put the AYYYY! in his holiday!

  • Always Cool Pillow – This pillow has been a godsend. The way it’s constructed there’s just more space for air to flow. And if that’s even too hot for him, there’s a cooling gel side of the pillow. Personally, I find one side much more comfortable because it’s so soft, but for anyone who likes a more firm memory foam feel, simply flip it over and you’re golden. You can feel the quality of the pillow when you hold it. It’s so good you might gift it for him…and then gift it to yourself.

  • Mesh Wifi System – Our home wifi cut off just at the edge of our house…which is frustrating because it’s a location in our home we definitely want to have wifi for streaming. This Google Nest mesh wifi was a super quick install and blanketed every corner of our house with wifi and then some. It’s a must have if you have a home bigger than 2000 sq ft.
  • Curved Gaming Monitor – Would he like to spend a lot of time at night in a dark room staring at this screen in his ideal world? Would that make him more pleasant overall? Would you like to be in the dark room with him? If yes to any of these three, this is the monitor for him!
  • 1080P 200″ Screen Coverage Projector – I picked this up recently for our bedroom since we have a grand white wall to project on. I think the value is insane for the size and quality of image. Plug in an Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast and you’ve got yourself a 230″ smart TV.

  • Nespresso – This little baby is on its merry way and I can’t wait to create our bedroom coffee bar. Our kitchen is down the hallway…I know…but I can’t bare to drag myself out there until I’ve showered and really starting the workday. I’d much prefer to press a button in our bedroom sooner than later surprise Hoang-Kim with a hot caramel latte right before I really get the day going.
  • Series 6 Apple Watch – This is a far cry since I first got my Series 1. I’ll never forget a friend at Microsoft telling me that it takes about 4 cycles to get a hardware product right. People who know say that the Series 4 was the Apple Watch Steve Jobs would’ve allowed to ship. Now we’re another two generations beyond that and the reviews speak for themselves. It’s invaluable.
  • Long Sleeve Henley and Tommy John Joggers – I hate pajamas. Does that make me a monster? I never thought I’d wear pajamas, but Tommy John changed my mind. These “second skin” PJs are so incredibly soft and breathable I couldn’t help but wear them. I run hot, so the fact they’re soft and still allow me to sleep cool makes a big difference. I’m hooked. Just bite the bullet and buy the whole set. It’ll be the most expensive set of PJs ever, but wow…with these you definitely get what you pay for.
  • Lululemon pants that could pass for work pants – As a long-time ABC pants customer, I know some of their pants can almost pass for dark chinos, which is a beautiful thing. These pants have fewer seams and give him a pseudo-professional look depending on his workplace and obviously he can jump straight into the gym with by just switching his shirt and shoes. Isn’t life wonderful with little miracles like this!
  • Chelsea Boots – These new slip-on boots Hoang-Kim got me are amazing. Call me lazy, but I hate having to tie my shoes. I really enjoy having a pair of professional boots I can wear with any pair of jeans, chinos, or slacks. Plus it’s one pair of boots I’ll probably get multiple colors of.
  • Weighted Blanket – We’ve test driven this one all year. It’s a gift that’s really for both of you. Start your movie night under this thing and never come out. It’s hard to describe the feeling, but let’s just say being hugged is very comforting.
  • Airpod Pros – Hoang-Kim gifted me a pair of these like the wonderful miracle that she is and I haven’t been without them since. They are life changing. What’s unique to me is they are noise cancelling, but really smart in allowing certain ambient frequencies in so when a car passes by or someone is urgently talking to you, it comes through much more clearly at seemingly the right times than traditional noise cancelling headphones.
  • Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones: Indispensable. My travel and office life have never been the same since. If he works in an open office floor plan and can wear these, get them for him ASAP. Als, if he travels a lot, get them for him ASAP. They are a staple for weekly or bi-weekly travelers.
  • Surround Sound Bar – Yet another major upgrade I’m personally looking to make in the house. Our Frame TV is glorious to look at, but as an audiophile, it does leave something to be desired in the sound department. This sound bar, with a built in subwoofer graded out better than both Bose and Sonos. With those other two you’d have to buy an additional $200-$300 subwoofer to produce the same feeling. Perfect for putting on yall’s favorite music or podcast while doing chores. No matter what, it’ll bring a lot of feeling into the home.


Bonus Section of my gift guide for men – When money ain’t no thang! Most of these are gifts that you can both really enjoy in the long run!.

  • Garage / Media Room Refrigerator – Someone once told me that the happiest people in the world are the kind of people who have a second refrigerator in the garage. It means you have enough to have it and fill it with drinks and have enough friends to come over and enjoy it together. Getting one has been on my list since we closed on the house. This is one of the few beauties that’s even available that you’d be proud of when you’re spending a day with the garage door open.
  • Traeger – Is there anything this thing can’t do! If you haven’t been welcomed to the Traegerhood, let me be the first to do so. This bad boy grills, smokes, bakes, roasts, and everything in between. We’ve tested turkey legs, steaks, pork ribs, shrimp, and more. We’re well on our way to making a full smoked turkey for Thanksgiving. He will be cooking up a storm if he isn’t already with this. It’s the YETI of grills. Hat tip to all the other owners out there. If you want to read our full review, you can read it here.

  • Sayl Chair – This one’s for the big kahunas. Your chair is your friend for potentially 8+ hrs if you’re working a remote desk job. The chair will be there for him through good times and bad. His back, posture, and tailbone will thank you years down the line for this investment. Hoang-Kim and I have basically lived in these chairs for more than 5 years. Once you got Herman Miller, you don’t go back. Beware and enjoy! P.S. HK wants me to add she originally got this for her broken tailbone and it has never failed her, so you know it’s solid.
  • Xbox Series X & Playstation 5 – By the time you’re reading this…there won’t be many…or any in stock, but if you revisit closer to the holidays you might be just in luck as stores restock all across the nation. This is the biggest launch in the past decade. Wield this gift with caution. You may both be sucked into hours and hours of freedom and joy.
  • Vacuum that makes you feel like a certified Ghostbuster – I have a weird relationship with vacuuming. Namely, I love it. Something about vacuuming is uniquely soothing to me. Maybe it’s that there’s an instant result. Maybe it’s the sound. I’m not sure what it is, but like all the things I love in my life, I invest in the best tools. This vacuum is tiny, powerful, and doubles in making me feel amazing because of the shape and user experience. It’s one of a kind. We recently got this for a friend as a wedding present and his wife said she hasn’t seen him light up like that since the wedding hah!
  • Working man’s messenger bag – Ladies…look at that man go. I have a Ted Baker messenger bag I invested in during my first internship in NYC. I’ve never received more compliments consistently over the years. The inner lining elevates this bag to sophisticated and accents a masculine leather shell. Sounds like your man. If he takes care of this bag, it’ll take care of him for a lifetime.

If you’ve made it all the way down here, I want to say thank you so much for reading! I hope these ideas have inspired you to get the men in your life a little something special this holiday season.

I made sure for my last guide of the decade I went deeper than ever before and to add a lot of new gift ideas in my 2019 gift guide for men. If you’d like more ideas, take a look at my 2019 gift guide for men and my  2018 gift guide for men. I try my best to give a good percentage of “timeless” gifts in my guides.

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