How to Create an Affordable Modern Christmas Bedroom

They say go big or go home…technically we’re kind of doing both? Since it is our first year in our first house we built, we wanted to really get into the Holiday spirit. We are teaming up with At Home over on Instagram to share how I decorated our bedroom for Christmas! I wanted to be able to go in-depth with the details and share how I was able to bring all of this together. Here’s how to create an affordable modern Christmas bedroom.

Start with a Tree

When it comes to creating an affordable and modern Christmas bedroom, you have to start with a tree. I love flocked trees, especially long needle pine trees. This 7.5 flocked tree is only $250! It needs a bit of fluffing, but it looks fantastic! I love the way the long needles on this add an elegant look. Plus, since it’s flocked it already looks good on its own. Our living room tree is technically still naked and I’m really enjoying it! We also plugged this pre-lit tree into these smart plugs so we can turn the tree on and off with our phone. Of course, we added a surge protector.

Add Ribbon

To keep up with the modern Christmas decor vibes, we are going with a black and white theme for this Christmas tree. I’m using a black and white stripe ribbon. It’s important to make sure you only use wired ribbon. This way you can easily manipulate and bend the ribbon to go where you want. I cut my ribbon in 12″ to 18″ pieces and then stick them into the tree. Make sure to finish the edge of your ribbon with what I call a “mermaid tail” end. Fold your ribbon in half horizontally at the end, then cut at a 45-degree angle away to create the tail.

Don’t Go Overboard with Ornaments

To create a more modern Christmas decor look, I like to opt for a simpler tree, which means less ornaments. Personally, I’ve never liked trees brimming with ornaments and extra stuff, but that’s just me. However, I encourage you to add ornaments at different depths of the tree, including near the stem! This gives the tree so much more life and makes it look grand. Sticking with my color scheme, I have black and white ornaments.

Pro Tip: When you’re taking your tree down, take all of the ornament hooks, put them in a ziploc bag and put it with your tree in the box. This way, you don’t lose it!

Add a Garland On Your Headboard

Do you really have Christmas decorations in your bedroom if you don’t have a garland over your bed? I used two of these 6-foot flocked garlands (similar here) to lay on top of our velvet headboard. To secure it in place, I used one of these clear hooks on the wall and fishing wire. It’s simple, easy and you don’t even see it! I was able to easily drape the rest of the garland along the edge of the headboard.

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