My Comparison of the Best-Selling Caraway & Our Place Cookware

The Holidays are here and that usually means cooking! I know most of us are cooking at home now more than ever. Johnny and I cook almost every night of the week and reserve Fridays for sushi takeout. Therefore it makes sense what cookware we use is a frequently asked question. I will say, if you struggle in the kitchen or it’s stressful for you, you may not have the right tools. Here is a round-up of our favorite cooking staples that have made cooking incredibly enjoyable.

Our favorite cookware includes this cast iron skillet, cast iron dutch oven and copper wok. It’s our favorite because it’s non-toxic and the quality of these pieces will last generations. I have friends who have their grandmother’s passed down dutch oven!

For those who are looking for something before they make a big investment, there are two other cookware brands I recommend. I have both Caraway and Our Place. Here is a comparison of Caraway and Our Place so you can buy the cookware that’s best for you!

Caraway is currently offering my readers 10 percent off (you must use that link). Our Place is currently discounting their Always Pan to $95!


Caraway originally started out as a non-toxic nonstick cookware set company. The set is where you’ll get the most value in my opinion. It comes with a dutch oven, fry pan, saute pan and sauce pan. The dutch oven is safe for use in the oven and I’ve really enjoyed baking bread in it.

I got introduced to Caraway when a friend of ours invested in the company. We deeply respect him, so when he invested, we knew this would be a great company to work with and use.

The cookware set is available in four colors and comes with a magnetic organizer and canvas lid holder! Personally, I love how this cookware comes with a way to store it and it’s absolutely beautiful. Plus, it’s easy to clean – so easy we hardly ever put it in the dishwasher.

Cooking & Care

What I love about Caraway is how all of the cookware is oven safe up to 550 degrees! This is something you normally have to pay good money for and I love how you can get the entire set for $395. If you’re looking to cook more, have room in your kitchen for an entire set and want safe cookware, I highly recommend Caraway!

I will say, over time, the exterior paint will start to chip, especially at the bottom if you have a gas cooktop. To be honest, this is pretty normal and at this price point something I would expect. Our Le Creuset cookware doesn’t chip, but one dutch oven from Le Creuset can be the same price as the entire cookware set from Caraway. As long as the inside of the cookware doesn’t chip or melt, I’ll still love this cookware.

Our Place

Our Place is famous for one piece of cookware: their Always Pan. It is non-toxic, nonstick and touts it can replace eight pieces of traditional cookware. While I’ll say that’s a bit of a grand statement, the Always Pan is a fantastic hero piece for those who are new cooks or don’t cook a ton!

It’s a solo piece, but because of the deeper sides (almost 3 inches) it can really do quite a bit. You can steam with it since it comes with a steam rack that perfectly fits inside. You can make sauces, risottos and dishes with a bit of soup because it’s deeper than traditional pans. It’s super slick and the ceramic coating is so easy to clean. A fun perk is it comes with a wood spatula and there’s even a resting spot for it on the pan! We do reach for this pan pretty often.

The Always Pan comes in four colors and Our Place also has plates, bowls and cups to match! We have the steam color and it’s a beautiful neutral.

I’ll admit: the paint started coming off the exterior bottom after about a month. It’s been almost three and the little grip portion has lost a bit of paint on the corner. This is a bit disappointing to me, but again it is the exterior and we have a gas cooktop. Most of the sides and interior are still in fantastic condition.

A big negative for me with Our Place is the pan is not oven-safe at all. This immediately takes it out of the running for cooking steaks (we reverse sear) and a handful of other recipes we enjoy that require starting or finishing in the oven.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you aren’t super passionate about cooking, have recipes requiring a couple of things to happen at once or already have good cookware, I’d skip the Always Pan. I think it’d be better to save the money to buy Caraway or invest in Le Creuset. However, if you live in a small apartment or don’t have a ton of storage, the Always Pan could be the answer you’re looking for. Another reason could be you just need a stellar pan and Our Place could be perfect for you. As I said earlier, we do reach for it pretty often and it’s so easy to use and clean.

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