Nursery Dresser Organization We Actually Love and Looks Beautiful

When dreaming up our daughter’s nursery, we knew from the start we wanted it to be sustainable and something that would last long term. From the design to the pieces, we didn’t want to change things as she got older. We wanted to be able to seamlessly transition to meet her where she’s at in her young life.

There are two main walls in her nursery: the crib wall and dresser wall. I’m thrilled to partner with Arhaus to make her dresser wall beautiful, functional and perfect no matter the stage of life she’s in. The Willow dresser caught my eye because of its clean lines, inset handles and beautiful oak color.

We really love the idea of using an “adult” dresser. Why do you have to use a kid’s dresser or a “changing table” anyway? You can make any surface a changing table! This dresser will last years and years, if not decades. We won’t have to change it as she gets older and needs more space. Maybe she’ll even take it to her first big-girl apartment.

The Willow dresser is handcrafted by Indonesian artisans from oak wood and oak veneers. The soft-close drawers are like a dream and so quiet. It’s perfect for when I’m still putting things away and she’s falling asleep in her crib.

The inset handles are what drew us to this dresser initially. I really appreciated how there wasn’t any hardware for her to bump into as she starts crawling and walking. Playtime and exploring will definitely be happening in this nursery so we like how the dresser is low profile.

When it comes to nursery dresser organization, the top two drawers are our home bases right now. In the top left drawer, we have all the onesies and footies she currently wears. Drawer dividers keep things nice and neat so we can see exactly what we have and pick out exactly what we want. In the top right, we have diapers, diaper cream, extra trash bags and other diaper-changing needs. You can see more of what’s in our drawers here.

Perched in the middle of our dresser is the beautiful Copenhagen mirror. I love how it has this old-world charm, which perfectly matches the wallpaper. Inspired by antique French design, the attention to detail in the decorative molding is stunning. The more I look at it, the more detail I find. The warm aged-gold finish complements the nursery perfectly and isn’t too bright. It’s elegant and works in classic and modern spaces.

To finish accessorizing the dresser, I added this whimsical lightweight linen lamp and faux florals, which look and feel incredibly real.

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