Nestig Crib Review: Reasons Why We Love It (It’s Convertible!)

One of the most important pieces in a nursery is the crib! We looked at so many cribs and one of the features we really honed in on is versatility. Of course, we wanted something aesthetically beautiful, too, since her nursery design is so unique. That’s where Nestig comes in! We instantly fell in love with how the Nestig starts out as a mini crib, goes to full-size and then transforms into a toddler bed! Now that our daughter has been sleeping in it for about three months, I’m excited to share our thoughts and review.

Nestig Wave 3-in-1

When researching cribs, I found there are many transitioning from a full-size crib to a toddler bed. However, not many start at a mini crib size. While our daughter only slept in our room one night (the very first night we brought her home from the hospital) having the mini crib size is so convenient. This replaces the need for a bassinet.

Another great feature that’s super convenient is how mobile the Nestig crib is! There are wheels, so you can roll the crib around wherever you need. In the very early days, we had her next to us all the time because we missed her if she wasn’t in the same room. The wheels are super smooth and are so quiet whether you’re on hardwood or tile. Plus, it transitions from carpet to hard floors and vice versa easily. We’ve had her in the bathroom, dining room, living room, all the rooms!

From the mini crib, you can transition into a full-size crib and then to a toddler bed. There are also three mattress heights so you can lower it as your child grows.

Setting it Up

Assembly is easy! It took us 33 minutes to assemble the crib, but one person can totally do it. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t exactly doing much since I was 36 weeks pregnant. One aspect I appreciate is how everything comes at the same time! From the start, you get everything you need, even for the full-size crib and toddler bed. That way you can transition it whenever you need and don’t have to worry about shipping times or possible delays. We have the extra parts in our garage!

There are warning stickers on a few parts of the crib. Once you thoroughly read them (they are mainly about safe sleeping conditions), you can remove them. Take a blow dryer to them for a few minutes then peel them off. Or you can peel them off and use oil or some type of goo gone to remove the sticky residue.

Sustainable & Beautiful Design

Johnny and I try to buy sustainably sourced, fair-trade products when we can. One aspect I truly appreciate about Nestig is how every aspect of making the crib is thoughtful. From locally harvested wood in Brazil on reforested land to the artisans in a family-owned factory with more than 40 years of experience. Employees there earn a fair wage and every single crib is safety certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association.

It gives us so much peace of mind to know our daughter is safe when she’s in her beautiful crib.

The Nitty Gritty

Your Nestig crib will come with practically everything you need. The only downside is the mini crib size is pretty unique. The Newton mini crib mattress is not the right size. Thankfully, the Nestig comes with a mattress, but we also got the Lullaby breathable mattress. It’s actually been handy to have both. In the early days our daughter was in premie diapers, which hold basically nothing, so we were always changing her clothes, sheets and mattress.

Speaking of sheets, Nestig makes beautiful organic cotton sheets for their mini crib size! We got a few sets for the mini crib and full-size crib. When we transition to the full-size crib we’ll use the Newton breathable mattress.

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