Kitchen Organization Ideas We Swear By

blogger hoang-kim cung shares her top kitchen organization ideas

Johnny and I work from home, often have my dad over and love to host. Getting and staying organized is essential for us! It’s been a year since my last post about kitchen organization ideas, and I wanted to give you all an update on how it’s all worked and what else we’ve implemented since moving in.

blogger hoang-kim cung shares her organized spice drawer and other kitchen organization ideas


Decanting your spices is definitely one of the trendy kitchen organization ideas, but I’ve found it to be transformative. The most crucial part, of course, is putting your spices into new, consistent jars. Just doing that creates so much less visual clutter! A lot of jar sets like this one come with labels, though I prefer these which can be customized. You’re going to want to get a tiered shelf or drawer insert (my preference) to be able to easily see them all at once. We keep ours directly to the left of the cooktop for extra convenience.

Fridge Organizers

Although our focus began on the pantry, organizing the fridge has turned out to be just as important. In addition to using turntables in the pantry and our bathroom, I also use them here! They’re great for preventing items from getting lost in the back and minimizing food waste from rebuying things. This organizer solves the same problem by making it easy to pull the whole thing out and find what you need. I’m also a fan of the adjustable drawer dividers we used for our cookware, which also help create zones in our fridge drawers.

Drawers & Cabinets

The best kitchen organization ideas aren’t necessarily the most popular, but the ones that make the most sense for your space. We opted to not get pot and pan drawers because the cookware we use for Asian cuisine wouldn’t have fit. Instead, we had cabinets installed under our cooktop and got these pull out organizers and added this adjustable drawer divider to separate the pans. Something we didn’t think to ask for, however, was a built-in tiered utensil organizer. This one has been amazing though, because our flatware is perfectly laid out and organized while also being incredibly efficient.


If decanting spices into jars is transformative, you can only imagine how amazing canisters are! The glass ones are fantastic for baking goods, and I love that you can even fit a little scoop. Then there’s the acrylic canister set, which we use to store other goods like chocolate chips and pasta. I bought three sets and also ordered custom pantry labels so we know what we’re grabbing and don’t mix up containers when restocking. Plus, the lids match the black baskets and lids on the glass ones, which I appreciate for aesthetic consistency even though they’re entirely different products. (By the way, these shelf liners are incredibly helpful for keeping our pantry clean.)

Bins & Baskets

Before I revamped our pantry last year, we only had these black baskets. It kept everything in sight, which was great functionally but I didn’t love the look aesthetically. Introducing these rattan bins was such a gamechanger! They’re far easier on the eye, and the three sizes have come in handy. We use the small for things like snacks, the medium for things like canned and dried goods, and the large for kitchen gadgets and other miscellaneous items. I also LOVE these and think they’re so chic!

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