It’s Here: This is Our Empty House Tour After the Framing Stage

Blogger Hoang-Kim of Color & Chic and her fiance Jonathan Van in front of their one-story Dallas house after the framing processOne-story three bedroom, two bath house in Dallas, Texas with vaulted ceilings and big windows

Hi y’all! Welcome to our soon-to-be home! The framing stage is complete and we are excited to give you an empty house tour pre-drywall. We already have so many dreams and plans for this home. What’s crazy to us is how fast this process has been. It felt like yesterday the foundation was being poured and the very first frames were going up. Now, we have a house with rooms, electrical and pipes for plumbing. Even though we don’t have drywall or any of the cozy pieces, it already feels like home to us!

We also have a YouTube video of the tour where you can walk through the entire house with us! We didn’t take photos of every room in this house since they are not all that interesting. However, we did go through each room in the video.


Blogger Hoang-Kim of Color & Chic and her fiance Jonathan Van in the entryway of their one-story three bedroom two bathroom house in Dallas during the pre-drywall phase  Blogger Hoang-Kim of Color & Chic and her fiance Jonathan Van in front of their one-story Dallas house after the framing process Asian couple in the living room with vaulted ceilings of their one-story Dallas house


First up in our empty house tour is our entryway. We’re very excited to have a proper entryway in our home after being in small apartments! We plan on having a bench where our guests can sit down to take off their shoes and a console store washable slippers for them. Right off the entryway is our living room with vaulted ceilings. This room is what sold us on this one-story house. We love the crazy height, natural light and the idea of installing beams later down the road.

We upgraded the windows flanking the fireplace to get bigger picture windows. The righthand corner is already one of my favorite spots in the house. We are thinking of putting our fiddle leaf fig plant, Frank, there most of the year. We are thinking he’ll stay there until we need to bring out our Christmas tree during the holidays!

We have two plans for our living room design so far. We hope to choose either an L-shaped sectional or get two sofas for the living room. I love the idea of a sectional because it feels a bit more casual and cozier. We found these swivel leather chairs and love the idea of getting two of them. Even though this is an empty house tour, we already know we want our living room to be livable, comfortable and a place for family and friends to gather and feel at ease. To add to that comfort, we want to get another lift-top coffee table.

Blogger Hoang-Kim and her fiance Johnny in the living room of their one-story house in Dallas, Texas One-story house in Dallas during the framing process. Hoang-Kim and Jonathan in the soon-to-be kitchen


I know you’re looking at studs and some really cute pipe but this is where a lot of memories will be made. I grew up in a home where my Mom made a delicious home-cooked meal almost every night. It was in the kitchen with her where I learned how to chop garlic, stir-fry green beans and make a proper pot of rice. Johnny and I love cooking together. Coupled with the fact upgrades in the kitchen really boost the value of your home, we kind of went all out on our kitchen to make it the place to be.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know our new black leather and brass barstools for this kitchen already arrived in our Dallas apartment. They will certainly make a bold statement in our modern kitchen. The rest of the “jewelry” for the kitchen is still undecided. We will have two large pendants hanging over our waterfall island but haven’t picked yet. We love these with a brass interior shaped like a water droplet or these white and black ones with clean lines. We got open shelving around the vent hood so the styling possibilities are endless! I’m picturing mugs, pretty food storage and more.

Hoang-Kim and Johnny walk through their one-story house in Dallas after the framing stage before pre-drywall

Master Bedroom

Johnny and I have lived in a lot of apartments after being together for 10 years. Most, including the one we’re in now, are on the smaller side. Usually, I’m lucky if there’s room once I’ve fit a bed and much-needed dresser into the room. We are taking new our king-sized mattress and tall velvet headboard with us into our new bedroom. What’s super exciting is we even have room to add a reading nook! I grew up a bookworm and instilled a love for reading in Johnny when we first started dating. Having an area to sit and read in our room is going to be a gamechanger.

Asian couple in their soon-to-be master bedroom of a one-story house in Dallas, Texas after the framing stage

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