3 Quick and Easy Ways to Refresh your Spring Home Decor

Spring home decor in the living room and kitchen with faux cherry blossoms, ginger gar, blue throw pillows, cream throw pillow and black leather barstoolsSpring home decor in a two-toned kitchen with a ginger jar, faux cherry blossoms, and black bowlsHoang-Kim shares her spring home decor in the living room and kitchen with At Home using faux cherry blossoms, ginger gar, blue and white throw pillows and throw
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When March rolls around, I’m ready for clean spaces, florals and open-door weather! It can be tempting to want to spend a lot of money to completely revamp a space and move it into the next season, but you don’t have to. I’m excited to share 3 quick and easy ways to refresh your spring home decor. Since Johnny and I won’t be in this Dallas apartment for much longer and our new build is nearing completion, we wanted to get items that would fit into our new home, as well. When thinking of our new spring decor, we had a long-term plan in mind and look forward to utilizing everything we got from At Home year after year.

Blogger Hoang-Kim shares how to refresh her spring home decor with sakura blossoms, throw pillows, ginger gars and more from At Home

Where I Started

At Home is a home decor mecca. Regardless of your home decor style and budget, you’re sure to find endless possibilities to refresh your space. We have family and friends over quite a bit so I instantly knew our spring refresh would mainly take place in our living room and dining room. From there, I thought about what spring means to me. I’ve dreamed of visiting Japan to see the famous cherry blossoms for years. Since Johnny and I can’t go soon, I wanted to bring a touch of that into our home. When trying to refresh a space with spring home decor, I prefer to overshop a little bit. It’s easier to return items once the room is complete than to take multiple trips back to get items you need. At Home makes this super easy since their items are clustered together by kind. For example, I bought a few extra pillows and bowls that were literally right next to the ones I ended up going with. If it catches my eye, I’ll put it in my cart and try to style it out at home.

Blogger Hoang-Kim shares how she refreshes her kitchen with spring home decor using a ginger jar, cherry blossoms and candles Blogger Hoang-Kim shares how she refreshes her two-toned kitchen with spring home decor using a ginger jar, cherry blossoms and candles


I love color, truly. I’ll always choose neutrals for walls, trim and things like that so I can really play with colorful spring home decor. Johnny loves blue and I love pink, so coming up with a color palette for both of us wasn’t too hard. I love the classic and colorful look of ginger jars and instantly knew that’s what I wanted for our kitchen island. Plus, it’s a nod to our Asian culture and would be beautiful with the faux cherry blossom stems I wanted.

You’ll notice the only pink items I got are the florals. Everything else is blue, black or white. I really wanted the cherry blossoms to pop. Since we have two-toned kitchen cabinets with this gorgeous blue, the blue colors we chose for the pillows mesh with the room super well. I went with a mix of true blues and a dusty blue for our spring home decor. Remember to look in your cart and see how items look together. While it may not be styled, it’ll give you a general idea of how it could look in your home!

Hoang-Kim creates a faux cherry blossom and sakura arrangement using a ginger jar from At Home in her two-toned kitchenHoang-Kim creates a faux cherry blossom and sakura arrangement using a ginger jar from At Home in her two-toned kitchen in Dallas, Texas

2. Add Faux Florals

At Home has a massive selection of faux florals and greenery! Think stunning peonies, faux fiddle-leaf-fig plants and more. They had a wide variety of sakura blossoms in different shades of pink and white. They were all gorgeous! I actually assembled my spring home decor bouquet in the store to make sure I got the right number of stems and loved the look. Don’t be embarrassed to play around!


Most of the floral arrangements or centerpieces we’ve put on our island have been on the shorter side. I wanted to go big or go home with my spring home decor this time around, so I didn’t shy away from something tall. I’m so glad I did! Adding height not only brings your eye upward but can also make a room feel bigger.


Don’t be afraid to add punch to your room. You want something to draw people’s eyes in and center on in the room. Our kitchen island is the focal point of our open floorplan. We wanted something that’ll encourage them to naturally go there. Combining the big ginger jar with tall floral stems gives the room interest since our living room and kitchen flow into one another.

Sakura blossoms in a ginger jar and black mesh bowls for spring home decor in a two-toned kitchen Two-toned kitchen with cherry blossoms, ginger gar, black leather barstools with gold legs, gold pendants and a gold sink faucet with subway tileCozy living room decor with blue and cream throw pillows and a striped throw blanket

3. Arrange Items in Clusters

Odd numbers are best! I either have something stand solo, or arrange in clusters of three or five. In the photo above on the left, you’ll see I was playing with a cluster of three with two black mesh bowls. However, from afar, it was too overwhelming and detracted from the ginger jar and cherry blossoms. I ended up doing a little rearranging to the photo on the right and it makes such a difference! Don’t be afraid to play around with items. Be patient and you’ll find the right formula.

The same goes for pillows and throws. I fell in love with this suede pillow and wanted to use that as an anchor for our gray sectional. From there I found this gray striped throw that’s both cozy but lightweight enough for spring. To follow my cluster rule, I was on the hunt for one last pillow. That’s when Johnny found this knit pillow with both colors. It was perfect for our spring home decor! Finally, the other side of the sectional seemed lonely, so I added a solo 12×24 pillow in a fresh white.

Blogger Hoang-Kim shares her At Home receipt from a spring home decor shopping tripSpring home decor in a white and blue two-toned kitchen with CB2 Rake black leather barstools, gold pendants, subway tile and cherry blossom arrangements and black mesh bowls

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