My Summer Beach Beauty Essentials

Hello my beautiful friends! I hope your week is going well so far. Since we are kicking off beach weather in Coastal Virginia, I want to share my beach beauty essentials. These are items I love to bring to the beach to keep my skin healthy and at its best. It’s so important to take your skin’s health┬ávery seriously. Take a little time to get your skin ready for the sun and you can enjoy your time soaking up that vitamin sea! There is nothing worse than coming home from the beach with sunburned, peeling and dehydrated skin. It’s not a good look and will most certainly age you rapidly. We don’t want that! Of course, in conjunction with these beach beauty essentials, don’t forget to drink tons of water to stay hydrated from the inside out! Now, let’s get to the essentials! Read more…

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Smooth Shiny Hair How-To :: T3 SinglePass Luxe

Black Frill Sleeves Dress, T3 SinglePass Luxe c/o, Trollbeads bangle c/o Last year when I moved to Norfolk, I got caught off guard with the humidity. The level of humidity in Hampton Roads is something I have not quite experienced. That is including when I traveled to Baton Rouge for Miss USA! Imagine days where […] Read more…

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How to Get Soft Curls with T3 Micro

Hello Everyone! How I look and how my hair is styled is, unfortunately, a huge part of what I do. I wish I could sit here and say regardless of how my hair looked when I’m on air, viewers only care about my storytelling skills and the information I’m giving them. But if something is […] Read more…

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