Best Vitamin C Serum: SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic Review

blogger hoang-kim cung shares the best vitamin c serum in her skinceuticals ce ferulic review

I was first introduced to SkinCeuticals in June 2018, when I was at a PR agency in New York and mentioned my breakout issues to the ladies there. It all started in early March, shortly after we got back from PyeongChang Winter Olympics and Seoul, South Korea. At first, I attributed these random pimples and zits to travel because in addition to having naturally good skin, I already thoroughly took off my makeup at night, drank lots of water, worked out regularly and ate well. However, after spending $600 on new products, my skin was only getting worse. They immediately recommended SkinCeuticals and shared some of their products with me, which cleared up my skin completely in only two weeks! The following September, I added their CE Ferulic and have been loyal to it ever since. It’s absolutely one of my holy grails, which is why I wanted to do an in-depth review of the best vitamin C serum for you!

I use the CE Ferulic every single morning. I truly think it’s the best vitamin C serum out there, and the amazing thing is it actually has more than simply vitamin C – you also get ferulic acid, vitamin E and other antioxidants. In addition to protecting your skin against things like pollutants and sun exposure, it makes your skin firmer, brighter, softer and more plump. You’ll notice a very visible difference!

Though the price is a bit steep, I truly believe it’s worth it. Scientific research and development isn’t cheap, and the SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic is certainly an effective formula. To apply it, I put one drop on each cheek and another on my forehead, then press it into the skin. The drops on my cheeks are also used over my chin and nose area, ensuring I fully cover my face without being wasteful. A little goes a very long way, which also helps justify the cost. If you want, you can use the SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic at night in addition to the morning so it truly soaks into your skin, but obviously that will make the serum go faster.

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