Practical Gifts to Give for him & her feat. Mark & Graham

Practical gifts to give from Mark & Graham for Christmas


Practical Gifts to Give for Him & Her
Tartan Pajamas, Commuter Garment Bag, Plaid Wrap, Plaid Zip Pouch, Power Up Lightning Keychain

I’m a big believer in giving gifts people will use. After all, you’re spending your hard-earned money so you don’t want it to go to waste! I’m partnering with Mark & Graham to share practical gifts for him and her.  One reason I love Mark & Graham is you can personalize every gift. Adding a monogram is the extra touch and can make a gift truly unique and memorable. Plus, you can shop for anyone there, whether it’s a significant other, parent, best friend or coworker.  My photographer who took these photos is actually looking at items to gift her bridesmaids from Mark & Graham.  I’m breaking this post into gifts for him and gifts for her. If you’re an early shopper, grab some coffee or warm tea and settle in! I’ve got plenty of great gift ideas for you! Plus, Mark & Graham wrap all gifts in their signature gift wrap, so you don’t even have to do anything. Once they arrive, tuck them under the tree and you are all set.

Practical Gifts to give for Christmas from Mark & Graham

Gifts for Him

Commuter Garment Bag

Whether the man in your life travels frequently for work or just takes a weekend trip here and there with you or the boys, a good garment bag is a must. It’s one of those practical gifts that’ll be put to use time and time again. This commuter 2-in-1 garment bag is a best seller for Mark & Graham. The base of the bag is a garment bag for easily wrinkled items, such as a suit or dress shirt, or hanging items. Once those are put away and that compartment zips up, there is room for everything else. Completely zip it up and you’re ready to roll. There are plenty of pockets, which Johnny needs for little knick-knacks such as charging rolls, headphones and more.

Tartan Pajamas

Pajamas are not only fun but top my list of practical gifts you can give. Who doesn’t like being cozy? These soft flannel pjs are a classic. A button-up long sleeve shirt with elastic-waist bottoms will keep him warm whether he’s snuggling up to you by the fire or drinking coffee in the morning. Johnny tends to get hot at night but these are relatively breathable. Of course, I added his initials for a personalized touch. P.S. these tartan pajamas are also available for kids so you can take family photos together!

Johnny sharing a commuter garment bag as a practical gift to give from Mark & Graham Hoang-Kim and Johnny in Christmas pajamas Blogger Hoang-Kim wears a plaid poncho as a practical gift to give for ChristmasBlogger Hoang-Kim shares practical gifts to give from Mark & Graham

Gifts for Her

Plaid Wrap

You cannot go wrong with wraps, especially because they are one size fits all! I love the colors in this Mark & Graham one because it just feels like the holidays. This wrap is super soft and can be thrown over anything. Wear with jeans and a sweater like I am here or over a nice dress. Definitely, one of the best practical gifts you can give.

Plaid Leather Pouch

Every woman has little items that can easily get lost in a handbag. Lip balm, charging cable, spare set of keys, business cards, you name it. Help her keep all those items safe and somewhere accessible with this plaid leather pouch. The colors in this plaid are super festive and I love the navy blue tassels. Add one of Mark & Graham’s signature monograms and it’s not just one of the practical gifts you can give but a beautiful one.

Power-Up Tassel Keychain

Have you ever been caught without a charging cable and a phone about to die? I have and it’s an awful place to be. This power-up tassel keychain comes in 12 colors and will make sure you can always charge your iPhone. The USB and lighting ends hide inside the leather and when you need them, just pull them out and they are good to go!

Hoang-Kim using a power-up tassel keychain from Mark & Graham as a practical gift to give this ChristmasHoang-Kim using a power-up tassel keychain from Mark & Graham as a practical gift to give this Christmas













Hoang-Kim shares a plaid leather pouch from Mark & Graham as a practical gift to give Blogger Hoang-Kim wears a plaid poncho from Mark & Graham