A Colorful Winter Outfit That’s Actually Warm

Casual winter outfit for old weather with a blue parka, leather gloves, snow boots and chunky beanie with Chanel Double flap bagCasual winter outfit with a blue parka, snow boots and Chanel double flap bag in Central Park
[outfit_details]Blue Parka, Colorblock Sweater, White Jeans, Lace-Up Boots
Chunky Beanie with Pom, Leather Tech Gloves, Chanel Double Flap (similar)[/outfit_details]

I absolutely love dressing for winter. I think there’s something so chic about coats, hats and boots. However, I know it can be hard to teeter the line of something that’s stylish and something that’s functional. To me, when it comes to winter, I believe in clothes that perform well. There’s no such thing as bad weather, but there is improperly dressing for that weather! I’m so excited to share a colorful winter outfit that’s actually warm. This includes a great coat, pair of boots and more. If you’ve been following me for a while, you may recall seeing this blue parka a few times. It’s a go-to of mine for super cold days, especially when temperatures drop below 30 degrees. Let’s get into how to properly dress for those frigid days!

Colorful winter outfit that's actually warm with a blue parka, white colorblock sweater, blue chunky beanie and Chanel double flap bagWinter outfits for the cold with a blue parka, brown boots, white jeans and Chanel double flap


Layering is key for staying warm in the winter. I love cashmere because it’s warm without being bulky. I always start with a cashmere tank and then layer sweaters over it. I’m still on the hunt for a great cashmere tank, but this short sleeve tee looks like it could be perfect. You want something hugging your body so it’s not too bulky underneath other tops. I recommend getting something close to your skin tone, too.

My next layer will be a sweater, whether it’s something bold and colorful or neutral. This color block mock neck sweater is a favorite of mine this fall and winter. I first got one last year in two colors and have been hooked ever since. They are incredibly soft, a nice medium-weight yarn and very warm! I reach for the XXS if I want a more slim fit and have this sweater in other colors in XS, which I wear when I want a slightly roomier fit.

Winter outfits for the cold with a parka, winter boots and chunky beanie and Chanel double flap bag

Keeping Out the Cold


Being cold is something I despise. That’s why a great winter coat that’s actually warm is a must! This blue parka has been with me since 2014 and still looks incredible. The current version of this parka is a bit shorter but still comes highly recommended. It’s truly so warm. I’ll wear this when it’s less than 30 degrees and it keeps me so happy. One reason I love this jacket is it truly blocks out the cold and zips up very high, so your face is warm, too! I love the blue color for a colorful winter outfit but this parka also comes in classic black, navy and gray.


When your feet are cold, chances are your whole body is, too! Great winter or snow boots are a must. If there isn’t a ton of snow on the ground, I reach for these winter boots. They are lace-up but have zippers on the inside for easy on and off. These boots are waterproof, lightweight and truly so warm! I can walk in them all day and my feet are dry and comfortable. They come in a few colors, too. Plus they are currently 25 percent off!


Another part of my body I can’t stand being cold is my hands. I know it can be hard nowadays since everyone is always on their phones. That’s why tech gloves are so important. I love this pair because they are leather, lined with cashmere and have tech tips. They are chic, come in three colors and fit my hand perfectly. I wear size small.

Colorful winter outfit that's actually warm for cold weather

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