The Truth About My Morning Skincare Routine This Year

As I grow older, taking care of my skin is so important. While I wish I have the time in the morning to run through a long regimen to treat absolutely, I do not.  If I do have time for something, I would prefer to sleep in since I prioritize that. Time is money so the truth about my morning skincare routine this year is it’s shorter and involves fewer products than ever before. However, this doesn’t mean I’m not taking care of my skin or not doing what I can to improve it and treat problems. I want to share the products I actually use in the morning.

My routine takes less than five minutes and I use it as a time to think of a few things I’m grateful for. Of course, you could also just soak in the moment of pampering yourself, too! Keep reading to see what I do to achieve glowing skin in the morning.


I cannot stress how much incorporating a vitamin c serum has changed my life. When it comes to my morning skincare routine, I never ever skip this. I started using this in late September and within a few weeks, there was a noticeable difference. I apply about two to three drops on my face. Usually, one drop on each cheek and then the forehead. I also use the drops on my cheeks to smooth over my chin and nose area. This way you’re using the perfect amount but still not being wasteful. For more on this particular brand and why I swear by it, check out this blog post.


To me, this is my holy-grail eye cream. The price isn’t exorbitant, it works well and truly does brighten under my eyes! I apply with my ring finger under my eyes and on my eyelids to give me that fresh look in the morning. This particular eye cream is my favorite for my morning skincare routine because it has collagen so it firms and hydrates the skin underneath the eyes.


Since it’s still winter and my dry skin needs all the help it can get, I turn to this moisturizer. Truly living up to its name, this quenches my dry skin’s need for moisture and keeps my skin clear. I started incorporating this into my morning skincare routine first in mid-December. Now, I use it both day and night. Another perk with this moisturizer is it comes with a mini spatula. I use my trusty Artis palm brush mini to smooth this cream all over my face.


Technically this is for when you are sleeping but it’s such a goodie, I reapply in the morning! I’ll put a tiny dollop on my lips right after brushing my teeth and by the time I get to apply lip liner and lipstick, my lips are perfectly moisturized and ready! This comes in different scents but original is my favorite! If you love the formula but want something for on-the-go, it comes in tube format as well.


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