5 Things That Will Make Your Kitchen More Organized

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I’m so thrilled to have our kitchen organized and properly functioning. For a while, we had a lot of things in temporary spaces (just to get them out of the moving boxes) and it’s nice for everything to be in its proper home. We have so much storage in our new kitchen and to be honest, a lot of the cabinets are still empty! We actually kind of like that. I’m excited to share five things that will make your kitchen more organized. These items will work whether you live in a house like we do now or an apartment like we used to. Plus, you can check out this blog post from when we lived in our Dallas apartment. I’ll have a blog post coming in the near future of our entire kitchen reveal, which will include finishes, colors, etc. but for now, let’s get into the five things that will make your kitchen more organized.



Johnny and I love to cook, so we have quite a few spices. It was important for us to separate our spices into their own space. You can spend so much time fumbling around in the pantry or a cabinet trying to find that one spice you know you have. It makes cooking so much more convenient when your spices are all in one spot.

In our new build home, we got this handy drawer insert specifically made for spices. It comes in two sizes: 18″ and 24″ and meant to be trimmed with a circular saw to perfectly fit your drawers. We got the 18″ and had it trimmed down to around 15″ to fit our drawer directly to the left of our cooktop. I love how the spices are laid horizontally at an angle because it makes them easy to see, use and put back.

If you want to really up your spice drawer organization, I highly recommend these 6 oz glass jars. Having all of our spices in the same size jar is super soothing to me. Take your organization up another level by getting these modern white labels. They are so easy to apply, oil and water-resistant and you can get custom options. I got the 1.25 x 2.25 size! Easily one of the five things that will make your kitchen more organized.

2. Silicone Roll-Out Mat

A total gamechanger in the kitchen! This silicone roll-out mat not only helps with giving your dishes a place to air-dry when the dishwasher is full but can also serve as a prep space. Countless times, Johnny and I let our vegetables and fruits dry in colanders on this roll-out mat. This is a must in any home and definitely in a small space. I love how you can roll it out over your sink to give you more real estate and then roll it up and store anywhere when you no longer need it.

To keep it clean, I like to put it in the dishwasher with a load every week or so. The silicone is great quality, doesn’t stain and hasn’t worn off. We even use this as an emergency spot for hot pots and pans! This is where I usually let my Le Creuset cookware dry after hand washing.


I quickly discovered not all drawer organizers are the same and sometimes a good utensil drawer is worth it. This cutlery organizer looks completely different from others and I really love it. Spoons, forks, knives all have a specific spot and everything is laid out beautifully. Johnny and I are eagerly awaiting our new Pho spoons and chopsticks to arrive and it’s so nice to see they will have a proper home. Many other drawer organizers don’t really have a spot for these items and I love how this one offers flexibility. Plus, there’s even a space for cloth napkins and napkin rings.

We also have a knife organizer from the same company and love it! I really appreciate how the bigger knives are tucked under smaller ones and it’s such a space saver. Trust me, you won’t regret these!

4. Pull-Out Cabinet Organizer

Very early on in the design process of building our home, we opted to not get pot and pan drawers. While these are super popular nowadays, with Asian cuisine, our cookware doesn’t exactly fit in those drawers. A proper stockpot for making Pho is usually at least 12″ tall and won’t fit inside. We decided to save some money by getting cabinets under our cooktop and buying pull-out cabinet organizers instead. We got this chrome one first and really love it! It’s 14″ wide and fits inside our cabinet clearance perfectly.

Super easy to install, it literally took Johnny minutes! We added this deep drawer divider to keep the pans in check and to add separation.

5. Terrific Turntables

I cannot say enough good things about turntables. They are amazing in cabinets so you can easily reach everything inside without having to grab a step stool or knock something over. If you’re in a small space, these will be a lifesaver. I love tall turntables for storing spices if you don’t have enough room for a spice drawer like we do in our new house. We use a smaller one inside our cabinets to wrangle our sauces, oils and other bottles.

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