3 Things to Help You Have a Really Productive Week

As we get the new week started, I wanted to share three things to help you have a really productive week. I love a fresh start to the week and I love using Mondays to get my week set up for success. It may take some time out of your Monday, but it’s critical for saving time later in the week and will keep you on track. Plus, it’ll help prevent that feeling of being flustered or behind.

4 Things Each Day

I’m a big believer in really prioritizing your day. For each day of the week, write down four things you must get done. I mean MUST, not things you’d like to get done. Whether it’s a work deadline or something personal around your home, if you know you will not be happy if it doesn’t get done, put it on this list. This is key for having a really productive week.
I personally use Google Calendar to keep track of my schedule and tasks. I set aside time for each task and color coordinate (emails are yellow, content creation is lavender, personal items are gray, etc.) them so I know what’s coming up. In addition to this, I use the Momentum Google Chrome plugin to jazz up my new tabs. There is a nifty to-do list in the bottom right-hand corner and I use this re-iterate these four items.
Of course, these items can change as the week progresses, you don’t have to stick to them. However, when you really nail down what you absolutely accomplish, it frees up your mind from having to keep store those mentally. Plus, it also actually gives you more time to do other tasks.

Get Dressed

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always believed getting dressed and ready for the day is important. Even if I’m going to the grocery store or putting gas in my car, I always think, “is this the version of me I want the most important people in the world to see?” Essentially, as a young working professional, I always wanted to be ready to walk up to anyone at any time and be proud of how I presented myself to them.

Whether you’re working from home or have a super casual dress code at work, I think it is critical to get dressed and ready. This makes a huge impact on whether or not I have a really productive week. I feel much more capable and confident when I feel good about myself and we have control over that by putting on an outfit we like.

Another reason I love getting dressed is it puts you in the mindset to work. If you worked in a traditional office environment, would you show up for a meeting with your boss wearing sweat pants? Probably not. Plus, even if you have a bad day, at least you look good and you can smile about this.

Rose, Thorn and Bud Time

Schedule time to unwind and reflect on your day. This may sound crazy because who doesn’t like to take breaks? But this is so important if you are the type of person who may overwork or just keep working until it’s time for bed (guilty!). Johnny and I usually schedule time in the evening to be with each other and relax a bit. Even though we usually go back to work or finish off some tasks after this, it’s good to have a mental break.

We take a walk through the neighborhood and do one of our favorite activities: rose, thorn and bud. Here’s how it works, we each spend a few minutes reflecting on our day and share with each other a rose (a highlight, success, small win or something positive that happened), thorn (a challenge or something you need help with) and bud (new ideas or something you’re excited about).

It can be so easy to get caught up in the next thing or what we have to do, we can forget what we’ve accomplished and overcome. This simple exercise lets us reflect on what’s good and bad.

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