A Weekend in Charming Charleston Travel Guide

Charleston has been a dream destination of mine for years. The historic homes, rich culture, southern comfort food and picturesque streets beckon me more and more each year it seems. Being a Texas gal, I love exploring places in the south and my sister and I left with full bellies and a camera roll full of beautiful homes. Here’s my Charleston travel guide for a weekend in the charming city. You are sure to leave feeling warm from all the southern hospitality and delicious food! Not to mention the desire to go back! Read more…

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The Importance of Sleep – Luxury with Leesa

Sleep is an integral part of my life. During my days of being a competitive figure skater, I needed it to help my body recover and be ready to train the next day. When I was in Nebraska working full-time as a reporter and fulfilling my duties as Miss Nebraska USA, my busy schedule did not […] Read more…

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Seven tips for a happy long-distance relationship!

Today, Johnny and I are celebrating seven years of being together. How time flies. We met at CiCi’s Pizza and he was actually there because he was interested in another girl. Long story short, Johnny walked away more interested in me and hustled to find out how to contact me. After our first few conversations, we […] Read more…

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How to Get Soft Curls with T3 Micro

Hello Everyone! How I look and how my hair is styled is, unfortunately, a huge part of what I do. I wish I could sit here and say regardless of how my hair looked when I’m on air, viewers only care about my storytelling skills and the information I’m giving them. But if something is […] Read more…

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