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I’m speechless to think eight wonderful years ago, Johnny and I first met as teenagers. Things in life are impermanent, but Johnny is as solid as it gets. You’ll laugh, but Johnny and I met at Cici’s Pizza. Two weeks in and I knew we had something extraordinary. I couldn’t think of a better yin to my yang. Not only does Johnny complements me and my personality, he challenges me. He pushes me to be better, each and every day. He holds me accountable when it comes to my goals and supports me unconditionally. Simply put, we just work. We never argue. We trust one another. Honestly, his love blows me away every day.

In eight years, Johnny and I have been through plenty of highs and lows. I think the easiest and most peaceful time for us was our young relationship in college. We had countless hours together while pushing toward the start of our careers. Once I graduated, we became a long distance relationship. I moved to Nebraska to pursue TV Journalism while Johnny grew his roots deeper in Texas as an entrepreneur. Through my crazy year as Miss Nebraska USA to Johnny literally working probably 18 hours a day to grow Technium, one thing kept it all together: our love. We get lots of questions about our relationship and how we make it work. Here are eight things your relationship needs:

  1. LOYALTY: We love each other unconditionally and wouldn’t betray one another. Knowing you are loyal to one another opens you both up to having your own experiences and achieving your own goals without concerns about betrayal. Neither of us worries about the other person doing something we wouldn’t approve of and that is an incredible feeling.
  2. SUPPORT: As Johnny and I focus more on our careers to create a better future for our families and ourselves, supporting each other is a given. Johnny never questioned or held my decision to move anywhere to pursue being a TV Journalist. There isn’t a moment I don’t think Johnny isn’t on the right path to changing the world through deep technologies. Even when Johnny is exhausted, he’ll take my blog photos or help me pitch a company. Supporting each other will take you both further as a couple. There is no room for inner relationship jealousy, folks.
  3. COMPASSION: This is something Johnny and I are taking to another level, especially in recent years with my Dad’s traumatic brain injury. Of course, there are moments we snap at each other. Usually, it entails me being exhausted and helpless when it comes to finding a solution for something related to my Dad. Instead of approaching with reason, Johnny approaches with compassion. Realizing your partner is having an awful time and offering kindness and love instead of asking for something logical will go far.
  4. CHALLENGES: I’m not talking about obstacles in your relationship. However, those will no doubt make your relationship stronger. I’m talking about challenging one another. If I set a goal, Johnny puts in 100 percent to make sure I reach it. One of them is to get to Dallas a reporter and Johnny checks in with me to see if I’m telling the impactful stories I need to get there. If your partner expresses a desire, challenge them to take steps toward it.
  5. TIME TOGETHER: Johnny and I are still long distance, but we talk every single day. During the day, we try and chat via FB messenger here and there. But at night, we are together, whether it’s rehashing the day with each other or planning something in the future. We love FaceTime. Whether you spend time together in person or digitally, make sure you are present. We spend an insane amount of time together, which is why we know each other so well.
  6. TUNING IN: We all drop hints and cues, whether we mean to or not. Truly tune in to your partner and see what they are really saying. Having good emotional intelligence when it comes to your partner will diffuse a lot of potential problems before they even start. For example, I can tell when Johnny is really down to the wire when it comes to work and needs to be left alone. Even if I have something pressing, I’ll wait until later because I can tell something else is taking priority.
  7. CLEAR COMMUNICATION: Speak plainly. No one in an adult relationship has time for mind games. Say what you mean, no matter how hard it is. Tell the truth. If you want soba noodles for dinner, say it. Being clear when you speak to your partner not only cuts to the chase but builds a trusting foundation.
  8. PRIORITY: I don’t believe in work-life balance. The word balance seems like there has to be some justice of the scales when there isn’t. Some days my job takes priority and Johnny understands. Some days, Johnny takes priority and I take the day off. Making each other a priority shows you respect one another and this sends a message to all those around you.

I hope you enjoyed this post on the eight things your relationship needs. The both of us feels grateful to have found one another. I truly hope this helps you.

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