Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Will Make You Both Swoon

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Hi Everyone! Valentine’s Day is around the corner and chances are if you or your significant other haven’t made restaurant reservations, the best restaurants and times are probably booked. However, Johnny and I have come up with five Valentine’s Day date ideas you both will enjoy and don’t involve restaurants! Personally, we don’t really celebrate and enjoy having an evening at home without flowers and gifts (especially since we are saving for our house), but wanted to give y’all some ideas of things we both would actually do and enjoy!

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Going figure skating together is one of our personal favorite activities! It’s one of our top Valentine’s Day date ideas because it’s sure to bring y’all closer together! I used to be a competitive figure skater and it’s been such a great bonding experience teaching Johnny how to skate. Whether or not either of you are pros, layer up and lace-up for a fun date night! It’ll be full of smiles, laughter and lots of hand-holding!


Before you head to your local rink, check out this blog post on what to wear and how not to fall!


Johnny and I have been together 10 years and some of my favorite memories are the nights we are in the kitchen together. What’s important is that you take the time to focus on the dish and each other. Find a dish you both love, go grocery shopping and cook it together. Not only will it encourage teamwork between you both, but give you a taste of how you both might handle a kitchen crisis.


Don’t pick a super complicated dish (unless you’re both already great in the kitchen). Choose something flavorful but simple so you both won’t struggle with cooking.

Joules USA, Navy puffer vest, red hooded puffer vest, leopard print chelsea boots, heart print striped shirt

3. Mosy Around the Museum

How many of you live in a city but have never gotten to check out the local arts scene? Take advantage of what your city has to offer and check out your local museums! I know in Dallas, we have a plethora of museums with interesting exhibits and even rotating exhibits! Whether it’s an art museum, heritage museum or a science museum, see what piques your interest and have fun! Chances are, you both will learn something new and experience a fresh activity together, which is great for bonding as a couple.

4. Take A Class Together

I’m a big believer you should grow together as a couple in addition to enjoying each other’s company. Taking a class together will do just that. Opt for ballroom dancing, cooking classes, a ropes course, or rock climbing. Perhaps take on something that’ll provide many more date nights like learning a new language! Not only will you both walk away with new skills but time together experiencing something unique as a couple.

5. Piano or Comedy Bar

Concerts and events can be tough to align perfectly for Valentine’s day, but the local piano or comedy bar will have a treat every night of the week. You’re in for some matching smiles and a belly full of laughs whichever you choose. If you haven’t been to one, here’s a quick tip: don’t be shy. The entertainers are charismatic, seasoned pros. They just want an engaged crowd.

6. Picnic

We haven’t had a formal picnic in more than five years, but I can tell you I remember our last one vividly. Johnny actually both prepared the foods and rented some pet bunnies for us to pet afterwards. I’ll never forget the chance we got to just relax in the park and bath in the sun while enjoying our favorite foods. We rarely get this sense of leisure these days. Did I mention, he got bunnies to pet!

7. Staycation

One of my Valentine’s Day date ideas might take all day, but it can be glorious. A true “staycation” means looking at your city with the lens of a tourist. The perfect setup is to go rent a hotel room for an evening getaway and look up 2-3 things you haven’t gotten a chance to visit and take the day off together. I’m sure you’ve seen your friends come through the city and visit monuments and restaurants you’ve been meaning to go to together, but have put off for some time. The time is now! Nothing sparks romance like a little hooky.

8. Road trip

Another one of my Valentine’s Day date ideas might take you a whole day, but it’s worth it. Funny enough, one of Johnny’s favorite things to do is drive. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s the solitary time together where there’s not much else to do but talk. Perhaps it’s getting to listen to longer podcasts. I never think it’s the destination that matters to him. I know several of our road trips have been the best bonding opportunities. Take a drive somewhere you’ve been meaning to go for a while. Maybe to a state park. Perhaps visit another city you’ve always wanted to. The destination doesn’t matter all that much. All that matters is that you’ve got a long road, a cardinal direction, a yearning for adventure, and each other.

Petite blogger wears heart print striped shirt with red puffer vest, jeans and leopard print chelsea boots Valentine's Day date ideas that will make you both swoon Valentine's Day date ideas Joules USA, Navy puffer vest, red hooded puffer vest, leopard print chelsea boots, heart print striped shirt

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