The Best Undergarments For No Lines

The best underwear for women, especially when wearing whitePetite blogger Hoang-Kim shares the best underwear for women


White Dress ($24, wearing size small, comes in tons of colors), Blush Platform Heels (similar)
Kendra Scott Earrings, Blush Leather Monogram Crossbody, Too Faced Lipstick

I love wearing white. It’s fresh, easy to style and classic. However, wearing white can be tricky unless you have the right underwear. I’ve been getting lots of questions on what underwear I use and I’m excited to share my seamless secrets with y’all! I will admit, I’m boring and basic. I believe in nude seamless underwear because it goes under everything and is easy to take care of. Get a dozen or so pairs and you’re set, whether you’re dressing for the office, dinner or a night out. I don’t like to waste time trying to find the right pair of underwear. I want to spend that time living life or actually picking out my outfit. So grab a cup of coffee or tea because I’m about to divulge the best undergarments, including underwear, bras and more!

White dress outfit for less than $30 Amazon fashion dress for $24 for workwear, weekends and more


This is by far my favorite underwear. It’s basically invisible, which is awesome. Plus, it comes in tons of colors so you can find the perfect match for your skintone. You can wear this under anything and you will not have any lines, fabric bunching up, anything. Comes in a couple of color options but I like the nude and black options best. These come individually but also as a pack.


I never thought I would find a bra I love this much. It’s comfortable, the straps don’t fall off my shoulders, it’s seamless and hooks in the front! Talk about a major win! Plus, it’s supportive and has formed cups, which is great for someone who has a smaller bust like me. I have the naked color, which is a perfect fit with my skin tone. This bra is full coverage but you can still wear it with sleeveless or low-cut items. Definitely one of the best undergarments I own. You won’t regret this purchase.

Amazon fashion dress for $24 for workwear, weekends and more The best white dress for less than $30


Before finding the bra I mentioned above, I actually wore this bra all the time. I hate when straps fall off my shoulders and since this strapless bra was so comfortable and I never had to pull it up, I would wear it all the time. Trust me, this one doesn’t require any adjusting all day long. I got my regular size and to be honest, sometimes I forget I’m wearing it. It comes with optional straps but I don’t use them.


When I need to wear pasties, I go for these. I got them about a year ago and never went back to the countless other random ones I would buy. These are a little bigger than your average stick-on nipple covers, which I love! They offer great coverage, don’t come off and are comfortable. Love using these when I wear a backless dress or something super low cut and feel like I need something.


On days where I want to be a little lazy, I wear a bralette. This one is perfect for wearing under comfy lounge clothes and doesn’t feel restrictive at all. I’ve had mine for a few months now and love it under t-shirts too! Now that fall is around the corner, I’ll wear these under sweaters when I don’t need a ton of support. This bralette does have foam cups to help with shaping, but isn’t uncomfortable. Definitely one of the best undergarments I own.

  White amazon fashion dress for less than $30

Want to talk really quickly about this $24 dress! It comes in a few colors but the mauve and white are my favorites. The white is a dash on the sheer side though, hence the inspiration for sharing the best undergarments!  I love how it’s long sleeve, made of stretchy fabric and has ties in the front One of my favorite features is tie-waist on dresses, pants, skirts, and tops because of how adjustable they are. They really help cinch in the waist to give you shape but are not super tight and restrictive. This dress, when paired with the best undergarments, is versatile and can be worn so many times. Wear it to work with a jacket or blazer, wear casually on the weekend with flats or sneakers. Then if you want, dress it up with heels like I am here.

When transitioning and dressing for fall, I look for clothes with texture. This hides wrinkles and can be very forgiving.

White amazon fashion dress for less than $30