The Best Luxury Candles for Your Home

Blogger Hoang-Kim sharing her favorite luxury candles in front of her fireplace with Homesick candles, Voluspa spiced pumpkin latte, Diptyque feu de bois and moreVoluspa spiced pumpkin candle, Homesick USA Boston Texas New Home Pumpkin Patch and more candles

I really love candles. Whether you are buying a new home, hoping to create an ambiance or looking to buy a gift, candles are great. I love collecting candles year-round and having one burning always calms me. I know candle scents can be tricky, so I wanted to share the best luxury candles for your home. When it comes to candles, I’ve learned you do get what you pay for. Wax that burns smoothly, a scent that really carries through the room and of course, a long burn time are all key when it comes to a good candle.

I’ve been burning candles for weeks and many of these are longtime favorites of mine. I hope this helps you find the best luxury candle for your home whether you just moved in or looking to set the mood.

Voluspa Spiced Pumpkin candle Homesick New Home Candle


Easily one of my favorite pumpkin scents. Some can feel a little forced, but this one is chic and elevated. Not too sweet, not too spicy this candle is simply pumpkin and fall perfection. It also has a bit of freshness to it, which I like. The packaging is beautiful and I love how it’s Made in the USA. Burn time lasts 80 hours and it fills the room beautifully.


The perfect gift for new homeowners! This candle has a beautiful clean scent and perfect for breaking in a new home. Homesick makes beautiful high-quality candles, which is why I love so many of them. Great burn time and I love how they are soy-based and poured here in the USA.


Would I be a Texas girl if I didn’t love this Texas candle? I love the pine and lemon notes best and those are my favorite part. I don’t particularly know if it smells like Texas completely, but it smells wonderful. It’s very clean and great for getting a nice, scent in your home that isn’t overpowering.

Byredo Burning Rose Candle Boulangerie Pumpkin Souffle Candle from Anthro


Easily one of my favorite luxury candles. I love the clean, slightly feminine scent. Plus, the packaging is so high end. It has a rose scent, but isn’t overpowering. This truly fills a room nicely and anyone who comes to your home is sure to notice! Plus, once you use up the candle, you can clean the jar and use it!


I originally thought this would be too sweet, but I love it! This really fills a room so you don’t need a big candle after all. This also has a long burn time so you don’t have to worry about replacing it too often.


I’m not sure what magic Homesick used, but they truly bottled up the scent of a pumpkin patch in this candle. It’s absolute fall perfection with the quality of a homesick candle.

Blogger Hoang-Kim wearing a free people sweater with a variety of candles for her home


A great transitional scent since this has that nostalgic woody tone. Perfect for fall and winter, this candle screams luxury. It truly smells like a wood burning fireplace or campfire. You’ll either love it or hate it. Diptyque is known for their clear jars and white labels, so I love the more masculine look of the black mouthblown jar.


An incredibly popular scent, Volcano is known as the “Anthropologie” smell since they are always burning this candle in their stores. It’s a mix of citrus and some woodsy scent to balance it out. It’s great for almost any home and the scent is essentially universal. Made in the USA, these jars have an iconic look. Truly one of the best luxury candles for your home.


I live for elegant pumpkin scents during the fall and Capri Blue delivers with this one. I love the organic feel of the jar and the scent has slightly sweet tones mixed with citrus and cinnamon. It’s definitely a cult classic.

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