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Summer’s Arrival :: Strapless Gingham Dress & Tassel Earrings

Summer doesn’t officially arrive for a few weeks, but I am already in my summer mode. Is it really a weekend in Coastal Virginia if you don’t visit the beach? If I go to the beach, I’m a fan of simple and effortless dresses doubling as cover-ups. This red strapless gingham dress is a great piece for summer because it’s so versatile. There are cute buttons down the front, which make it easy for this dress to go on and off. I will add, this dress can be short if you are not petite. I’m 5’3 and as you can see this hits mid thigh. I wouldn’t recommend this for ladies who are taller than 5’6. However, for someone who is vertically challenged like me, this red gingham dress is just perfect and no alterations are needed. I really like how this dress is tiered since it breaks up the gingham print, which can get monotonous. 

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