The Perfume I’ve Worn for Years & Gifts with Purchase

The best perfume for women year round
[outfit_details]Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Cologne, Red Sweater Dress, Kendra Scott Earrings

Perfume has always been a constant in my life since I was a young teenager. I don’t really explore a lot. I’ve worn maybe four or five different perfumes since then. Once I find a scent I love, I stick with it, regardless of whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter. Today, I want to share the perfume I’ve worn for years. Jo Malone’s Peony & Blush Suede is probably one of my favorite scents of all time. It’s floral, slightly fruity and isn’t overwhelming. Plus, the scent actually lasts all day. Sometimes, I’ll spritz it on a sweater, wear the sweater for a few hours, hang it up in my closet, then a few days later when I pull it out the scent is still there.

I always buy perfume from Nordstrom because they have incredible gifts with purchases. If you’re looking to make a beauty purchase, I recommend checking out what’s available because the gifts with purchases are huge perks!

The perfume you need to buy The best perfume for women

Nordstrom has a great Jo Malone gift with purchase right now. Buying my full-size Jo Malone got me a travel-sized version of the Wood Sage + Sea Salt body creme and Wild Blueberry cologne. They’ll be perfect for traveling or stashing in my handbag for when I need a quick refresh! I decided to bring my new full-size version of my Jo Malone cologne on this New England and Canada cruise since I didn’t want to buy both the smaller version and the full size. This 3.4 oz bottle will last me a long time – maybe two years. This is the perfume I’ve worn for years… maybe six or seven, so I’ve gone through a couple of bottles. The trick is to spritz it on your clothing and your skin to make it last!

As I mentioned above, Nordstrom has awesome gifts with purchases I recommend looking at. There are some great brands including Bobbi Brown, Clarins, NARS, Shiseido and more. What I love about gifts with purchases are the perks of getting something extra, and with Nordstrom it’s a good size item, for buying something you’d buy anyway. Below are some of the gift with purchases I highly recommend.

The best perfume for women

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